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    We are camping at FW for the first time (camped many times, just never at WDW) and we are sharing a site with friends that are going. They were *supposed* to purchase a smaller tent, but ended up not. Our tent is a standard 4-5 person dome tent. Theirs is a 2 room, deluxe job. These are good friends, and I love them. BUT, I'm NOT sharing a tent. Will both tents fit, or do I need to tell them that they must stick with the original plan of purchasing a smaller tent or get their own site?
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    It sounds like you need to get a site in loop 2000. That is a Partial site and it has the biggest sand pads, generally speaking, in all the Fort. Most are big enough to handle two tents (this is all assuming you guys want to share a site).

    If you do share, make sure you list the size of both tents on your reservation (the Cast Member taking your ressie can add a note). That way when sites are assigned they have info to ensure you get a big enough site. If your note should somehow be overlooked, whenever you get to your assigned site and if it's too small, simply stop at the nearest Comfort Station, call the Front Desk and explain your situation, and if you see an empty site that will hold you, ask for it. Chances are they will swap you to it.

    That being said, unless ya'll are VERY close friends, I'd ask for two sites close to each other instead of sharing.

    Good luck :wave2:

    Bama ED

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