Animal Kingdom


Earning My Ears
Feb 17, 2002
We will spending our Disney vacation (June) in the AKL....were registered in the Pop Century, but CRO called and offered us a rate of $174.00 for a savanna we took it!

Please give me some expert advice on what trails, what floors to request. We want to see some giraffes!

I'm new to these discussions, but have REALLY enjoyed them. Disneylovers really take care of each other!:)
Boomer1956 -
You are going to love :D AKL! We had the opportunity to stay there last Jan. when Pop Century didn't open on time. Unbelievable! We had a room on the 3rd Floor - Kudo trail. We saw so many animals out our balcony window! Giraffe's included.
Make sure you try out Boma' different!
I loved Boma, and am disappointed to hear many people say they do not like the food. My absolute favorite was their plantain soup!

PSST: Unless you're a typical mac & cheese, canned and boxed meal person, you should handle the different tastes and textures of Boma!!

Zebra trail is my favorite. The rooms are great, I did not think they were to dark at all, very relaxing. The hot tub at night after the parks close is the best, the pool is huge and the pool bar is great also!! Just enjoy, it will be came and gone before you know it.

You are going to love AKL...and what a great rate.

We stayed on the Kudos Trail side of the Arusha Rock Savannah...right near the vice-presidential suite...can't remember the african name. We were on the 5th floor...wonderful.

We saw plenty of animals, even in the middle of the night...plenty of giraffes. It was wonderful. The only time the animals aren't out is mid day...lunch time to about 3pm...they are taken in for a check-up....I don't know if they are still doing this, as we were there during the bad Florida fires last year.

At night, under the moonlight...I watched the animals for over two hours while hubby slept. I could hear the ankotle cattle bumping horns as they played, I could hear the grass crunch underneath the zebras feet as they walked along. I could also hear them chewing...that is how close the animals are to you and peaceful the resort is. I could also see the wildebeast frolicking in the distance....very funny. They are the only ones that didn't come realy close when we were there.

This resort is so beautiful, the hand carved furniture...the atmosphere...and the restaurants. We tried Boma for breakfast and dinner...outstanding both sure to try it. And we tried Jiko for dinner...outstanding as well.

If you have kids, there is a great childrens play area and pool, and the main pool is 0 entry...they have life jackets the kids can use. The pool bar is wonderful. Two hot tubs, outside shower. Close bathrooms/shower area for pool. The pool is lovely, has a slide...brown bottom..made to look like a watering hole.

I just can't say enough about AKL...have a great trip!
We just got back from AKL. We were in Room #4457 on the Zebra Trail - Uzima Savannah. I think this was pretty near the perfect location as we were close to everything (pool, lobby, restaurants).

Warning - if you don't like to walk a lot, be sure and request near the lobby and pool because its a haul to the end of the buildings.


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