An Open Apology to Dayna


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Jul 30, 2000
A few weeks back I reviewed the movie Moulin Rouge , one of Dayna's favorites. In that review I referred to Moulin Rouge as "seriously bizarre."

After seeing the movie Mulholland Drive I feel I owe Dayna an apology. Mulholland Drive has increased the criteria for the description "seriously bizarre" by a factor of ten. Moulin Rouge has been downgraded to only "mildly strange."

Just setting the record straight,



DIS Veteran
Apr 14, 2000
<font face="comic sans ms"> Frank, this is a refreshing change. I'm usually thought of as "mildly strange" and then I'm upgraded to "seriously bizarre." This is the first time I've been downgraded.

Oh, I just read the post again. You're talking about the movie and not me. ;) :p :D

:rolleyes: <--I don't use that one very often, but I threw it in here out of respect for you. :D


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Aug 17, 1999
Haven't seen either, but here's another movie warning. We went to see The Royal Tannenbaums. Well, I don't really know how to classify this one, but I think it's fits somewhere in between seriously bizarre and mildly strange. It's a very, very dark (weird) comedy (?).

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