Amtrak to WDW!

Barb A.

Aug 19, 1999
Has anyone done this lately? Since my parents won't fly, and quite honestly, I'm not too keen on it
right now either, we thought maybe we would try Amtrak. When parents go along we usually
drive. But, DH is getting a little tired of that long drive. Does anyone have any tips or pointers
on Amtrak. We would be leaving from Philly. Is the station in Orlando or Kissimmee? How is
luggage handled? Can you take a carry-on on with you?
I took the train from Boston last Nov. and it was great...very relaxing!!! The seats are roomy and it was nice to be able to walk around during the trip. Had to change trains in Washington. I didn't go all the way to Orlando, though. Met my brother in Sanford. As far as baggage, I brought it all on with me. There's a rack at the end of each car for the larger items and had my backpack at the seat with me. Hope this helps!!!

PS If traveling overnight, bring a blanket. All Amtrak supplies is a small pillow. :D
I took the train to Orlando from SC in August. I've been taking the train since I was in the 3rd grade! I'm sure you all will enjoy it. You can have your luggage checked or carry it on to store overhead. The conductors on board will help you store your bags and help remove them from the train. If you check your bags, when you get to Orlando you'll have to go to the baggage claim area at the end of the platform to pick them up.

You may want to bring a blanket, sometimes the AC is pretty high.

Also be sure to pack some snacks. Sometimes they run out of certain items. On my last trip they ran out of chips and ham sandwiches. Also there are times when the cafe closes. I've seen people bring portable TVs and plug them in at their seats or at the tables in the cafe carts.

Have you considered the AutoTrain?

You take your car with you. The train leaves Lorton, VA (Just south of DC) aroun 4pm and arrives in Sanford, FL around 8:30am the next morning. It's a 40 minute drive to WDW and you have your own car to do as you please. It is non-stop service and includes a nice dinner and continental breakfast. You pack everything in your car and just bring a small carry-on bag onto the train. They have coach seating as well as a variety of sleeper rooms available.

Myself and others have written about it on this board.

If you have anyore questions, please feel free to ask.
I second the auto train! It is well worth the drive to Va to get on. The accomadations are nice the food is good and the convenience of having your luggage packed in your car is priceless.
OK, now I have another question. Which train station is closer to WDW, Orlando or Kissimmee?
Kissimmee is slightly closer to WDW resorts, but the best transportation options (CoachUSA bus) are out of the Orlando station. If you are taking a taxi to WDW, I'd go with Kissimmee; for a rental car or bus, Orlando. Of course, if are are staying off-property, such as in International Drive, Orlando would usually be closer.


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