Amex problems?


May 9, 2000
Just wondering if anyone has had a problem using AMEX card for discounts? DH tried to use his corporate card in Dec. 2000 at Winterland mini-golf and was told "No--corporate cards can not be used for a discount!" Sounded incorrect to me. I figure that at least half of all AMEX cards are corporate. Any feedback??
I don't have a corporate AMEX, but I did use my personal Optima card to book a Keys to the Kingdom Tour for our Christmas trip. I had no problems getting the discount for that.

I don't recall reading anywhere that the corporate cards weren't eligible for the discounts.
Thats all I ever use is my Amex Corporate card. Discounts work all over Disney. It's a gold card, but I don't think that matters. I've used it in stores, for golf, boat rentals, etc.

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Some corporate cards do not allow personal purchases. I know the one for our company does not. You can't tell from just looking at it though. Just a thought as to why the cashier may have said that. If any one is looking for a personal AMEX, BLUE is great! No annual fee and low interest rates. You can also pay over time if you need to.


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