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    How do you go about having Amazon deliver to FW? I am totally clueless! What is the specific address I should use? If I order Friday for our arrival on Sunday will they hold it, and if so do they charge a fee? I saw a blurb about them charging $5 per package for regular Amazon deliveries, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Also, if we have Amazon deliver should we skip the online check in since we have to pick up our packages at the front desk?
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    I did this twice in March. Once for a replacement thermostat for my water heater and another to replace my shower head. Per their information there is supposed to be a charge per package. They didn't charge me for either of them, but I've been told it depends on who you have at the time.

    Address you use is:
    (Your name)
    Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground
    4510 Fort Wilderness Trail
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8415

    Use the name on the reservation. They'll call the phone number you have assigned to that reservation when package comes in.
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