Am I the only one frustrated with IOA/US onsite resort reservations?


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Oct 29, 2000
I have called once a week since December, trying to reserve a room for February 2002. No One has any idea when those rooms will be found in inventory...... The last reservationist told me to try back in November!! Am I the only Type A person that would like to hurry up and get a room reserved so I can relax? I guess DW reservations has me spoiled. One would think that with all the front of the line access hoopla for onsite guests, they would improve their reservation process. Does anyone know any secrets to getting a reservation there or should I just stay at Disney for the whole trip? Thanks for allowing me to vent!!!!
Hi msim, I too was not the most confident in the UO Reservations Dept. so I called Loews Hotel Reservations Center and they took care of me. Call 1-800-LOEWS-14 or log-on @

I'm not sure but I do think you can book up to a year in advance. Hope this helps you! :D

I will take universal's system over Disney any day! When I call for a ressie THEY ASK do you have AAA, fan club or entertainment for a better rate. They don't, at least not yet, play those rate games that CRO does. I will take knowing I have a room at a decent rate 10-12 months ahead of time vs calling CRO at MY expense every day up to 2 months before my vacation to get a decent rate at a wdw resort. For me next time I will stay onsite at Universal and "visit" wdw, it is less anxiety producing for me.
I don't know how Disney works and if you can book further in advance with them, but hotels typically only release inventory 330 days (11 months) in advance, so that's when you should call and be able to book a room.


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