ALL this for most infernos! *LOOK!*

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by Mad4WDW, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Aug 24, 2002
    Yes, I am trading all this for the most infernos, and only infernos

    You can offer for some of the items (with say one inferno) or even for all the items, if you can offer several infernos in exchange.

    Due to the large amount of items, I will want to have a CL or a mod to mediate the trade.They will hold the infernos while I hand over my items, and once the deal is complete my side, they will give me the inferno(s)

    6 White snowmen
    6 gold snowmen
    6 blue wreaths
    3 blue soldier
    assorted trees, presents and toontown fireplaces (about 25 in all)

    6 HM Clocks
    4 Candy cauldrons
    2 magenta HM organs
    1 DLR pumpkin
    10 blue HM chairs
    2 blue HM tables
    50 normal VMK pumpkins

    5 fire windows
    7 pirate couches
    3 small pirate sand
    2 pirate stools (top and post)
    2 bird hats
    1 pirates insider tour pin

    5 full 50th sets (lamp, chair and pin)
    2 full gold sets
    8 full kali chairs

    10 1* bat magic pins (not single use)
    3 1* snowman magic pins
    1 invisibility magic
    2 Grand Californian pins
    1 Grand Floridian pin
    2 jolly roger pins
    1 tiki opens pin
    1 halloween quest pin

    Also have various regular items such as full park quest sets etc

    Remember I am only looking for infernos, although you're free to add a stitch hat on top of any inferno offer .

    Post here or can accept PMs


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