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    Aug 28, 2000
    We loved St. Martin. It is my second time there, and I think the people are super nice, and the downtown is very cute.

    We went to Dawn Beach on the recommendation of our fantastic server, Janet. What a great place... waves big enough to entertain the children but not scare them, and a reef right out from the beach for some good snorkeling. They have a nice bar, burger place where we are a good lunch. My niece also had her hair braided there for $1 per braid. We bought a wild shirt for DH for the tropicalifragilistic party that night.
    Spent 4 glorious hours in paradise at that beach.

    (As an aside... we were so busy making sure all the kiddos had plenty of sunscreen all over everywhere, somehow we forgot to apply any to DH's back. Later that week 10ds found a shirt on the Magic that had a picture of Donald Duck and said "Burnt Duck" on it. He bought it for his father!)

    Everyone back to the ship, then niece and I grabbed the ferry back to the shopping district. We went to Del Sol and bought these great t-shirts that go from black and white to color in the sun. They were a big hit with my sons.

    Dinner was the tropical party. We brought our own wine to dinner and were charged a $15 corkage fee. We felt it was still worth it because Magic's wine list is poor, overpriced, and except for at Palo's they don't even list the vintage years!

    The kids went to see Emporer's New Groove, parents too tired! Then the sail away party as we leave St. Martin (11 p.m.) We thought it was funny that the band played the exact same songs, exact same order as the sail away embarkation party.

    Another fruit bowl from concierge and a towel turtle from Daniel.

    more to come....

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