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Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2001
Hi , We are planing a trip Sept 10-14 with a 2yo & 4yo I am wondering if it is worth the extra money for the Moderate I booked Port Orleans but can change it. From what I what I understand the rooms in moderares are bigger and the service is a little better. Am I being a snob? I know we will be spending time in room at night any suggestions or has any one been to both with the kids? Someone suggested to get 2 rooms at All Stars but for some reason I still lean to the Moderated
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We staeyed at CBR our first trip with our 3 and 5 year old. I liked the larger room and the space under the bed to store our suitcases and stroller boxes. We bought our strollers from home for convenience especially for going to and from the bus stops which can be a distance from your room. However, we have also stayed at the AS resorts and enjoyed them as well but the rooms are smaller. Both rooms pose the same inconvenience and that is what to do when the kiddies are ready for bed at 8:00pm and mom and dad are not. We found it to be a bit of a problem trying to watch tv or read when the little ones were trying to sleep. You may want to consider the 2 rooms at AS or maybe even a 1br at some of the vacation club resorts.

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Two years ago we were at Port Orleans with a 9 y/o and 1 y/ was nice, but I didn't like sleeping in the same room with the kids -- my husband and I like to relax and watch t.v. after the kids went to bed and we were not able to do that. We spent $139.00/night on the room.

This year we stayed off-site at Holiday Inn Family Suites. This time there were three kids (11, 3-1/2, 1-1/2) and having the two bedroom PLUS living room area made our vacation SO much nicer! It was great to relax on a couch after a day at the parks, rather than sitting in bed trying to be quiet because the kids were trying to sleep in the bed next to us. There was a TV and vcr in each bedroom, as well as in the living room. We had a small fridge and a microwave, which was nice for our usual popcorn and pop before bedtime snack! I liked having some time together with my husband, also. HIFS also has a wonderful FREE breakfast buffet, along with an awsome zero depth entry pool. The pool is great for younger kids that are too little to swim by themselves, and too young for kiddie pools since those are usually 2 feet deep. September 2000, we spent $79.00/night -- Not only a HUGE price difference, but we liked the place much better! I know they aren't offering deals like that now, but HIFS is still much less expensive than on-site.

We decided as long as we have the kids with us, we'll stay in a suite, rather than a hotel room.

Here is a link to to our pictures from trip that show the pool and the room:
I have stayed at All-Stars and PO. PO does have a really cool waterslide and AS doesn't. But AS's has a better food court than PO. I have heard CBR has a great food court. I never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus for AS and I waited for 30 minutes for PO. So with that said I would pick All-Star over PO, you may want to consider CBR, DL, or CS. But for the price it is hard to beat All-Stars! Hope this helps!

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Not only are the rooms bigger at the moderates, the pools are a bit nicer, and the whole resort will be a little nicer.

My daughter (8 yr old) loves the Carribean. We stayed there the first time shen she was about 3.

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