All Star question requarding pools


May 15, 2001
Do the All Stars offer towels at the pool. If we check in and our room is not ready where do we get towels? :confused:
I stayed at the ASMO in 2000 and 2001.On our first trip there were no towels.On our second trip there were hundreds of them on carts all around the pool.So I don't know what the official word is on towels. We now bring our own beach size Disney theamed towels from home.
They dont offer towels at the pool,or at least not when we went in 9/01. We were told to take them from our room and then call housekeeping for more. We saw some carts of towels around the hallways in the resort(usually near the elevators) though too.
Im sure if you checked in and couldnt get to your room, if you just ask,someone would probably get you some. If not, lurk around the hallways and try to find a cart. ;) :D
There were towels when we were there in October...we were at the sports.
There was a HUGE bin of towels out by the pool when we stayed at the ASMu in December.

i usually bring my shower towels down from the room to the pool and if i dont have enough left i will call the front desk and recive some more

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