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Sep 20, 1999
I joined the Loews First program thanks to this board. I also booked two Bay rooms at the Entertainment rate of $189 without tax because I thought my mom was coming with us. Turns out she isn't. (Just found out today.) She was going to sleep in one bedroom with our two kids.

What should I do? Could I bring my Loews first upgrade suite card (it was an Xmas gift that they sent to all Loews first customers) and do you think they would upgrade me to a 2-bedroom suite? Should I cancel one room and try to get upgraded to a kids suite? How does this postcard thing work?

Who would I call to find out if the experts on here don't know?

Hi Katherine,

Is there a penalty for canceling a room? If not I would call and cancel the one room and ask what the price difference would be for the kids suite. If it is outrageous keep your ressie as is and bring the card in hopes for an upgrade to a kids suite. The only problem I forsee is that the upgrade is not supposed to be given with a discounted rate such as the entertainment rate. I seriously doubt the hotel would offer a 2 bedroom suite as your upgrade but stranger things have happened. The only part that would bother me is that this is all a gamble until you check in since they cant confirm the upgrade until then and if you were looking forward to seperate rooms for you and the kids it isnt a guarentee. I know the kids suite is included in the upgrades for the card they sent out though.Soooo maybe some schmoozing at the desk upon check in can get you what you want! (Did you read that post?)
suite upgrade post
What ever you decide, I hope the end result makes you happy. :D Good Luck!

Can anyone tell me about the Loewe's First program that is mentioned here? How do you join? What cost is involved? What are the perks? Thank you!!

I recently just got back from the Portofino. I used the postcard I received in the mail. I upgraded my garden room to a kids suite. I even had a discounted rate on my room (AAA). With no problems at all!

I would maybe cancel the one reservation. But hope they don't have a full house and have a suite available for you. Make sure when you get to the desk, specifically ask for a "kids suite" if there is one available because they were about to give me a regular suite. Good luck!
Tarie - what was the expiration date on the postcard? I foolishly threw out all the mailings my husband received from Loew's First, because I figured we'd NEVER stay at USF. Now we have a reservation at the HRH (at the Entertainment rate) for November!
I went through a bag of mail, and I found the Loews Christmas card with the suite upgrade card inside! :D I don't think I'll be able to use it, though, because we're already paying a deeply discounted Entertainment rate. :( I guess it can't hurt to ask at check-in.

I remember reading a post or 2 from people saying the hotel will honor the coupon with the entertainment rate. Here is the link. I hope they honor it for you!
christmas card suite upgrade

I called and tried to change my reservation or at least upgrade it because we received the Christmas "gift" from Loews First also. I was told that since we had a discounted rate (annual passholder) I had two options. Change my reservation to the rack rate (not!) and they would honor the upgrade or keep my present reservation and no upgrade. If you read the fine print on the card - it states something about regular rate or something like that. But I agree it cannot hurt to ask at check-in. If it is available, they may let you have it


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