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Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by larry_poppins, Apr 3, 2003.

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    I am regular reader of, Al Lutz's new site as our many of the posters here on this board. From Al's updates he has been portraying Jay as the great hope of Walt Disney Attractions. He is critical of Cynthia Harris and Paul the shopping mall king Pressler for slashing Disneyland's number of rides and leaving the park without any new attractions for the past seven years.

    I, too, would like to believe that Jay is our knight in armour, but I am not sure he is. I have just visited Disneyland Paris in 2002 and saw the abomination that is Walt Disney Studios. It is the only park I have ever visited that has made me miss DCA! Clearly Jay was in charge of the park's development. If this park is an indication of what Jay can do then the future does not bode well. I also remember that Al Lutz visited Disneyland Paris and hated the new park. Why is his opinion of Jay so favorable? Is he really that much better than Cynthia?

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    Good points, M. Larry-Poppins.

    I see this as black and white. Either Jay R was stifled under the Mall Rats and wasn't allowed to develop the park the way it should have been (and it seems to be universally deried), which means he can be free to open up now that PP is gone....or he is not really the Knight that Lutz thinks he is, and is just another corporate stepping-stone guy looking for the next big desk and the corner office.

    I say we give this guy a chance to prove it is the first option and not the second. Or maybe let him prove that he was the second, but is turning over a new leaf. And if he doesn't, then we vilify him. ;)
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    There's a French guy who's written a few columns for who's given a very different picture of the reasons for why Walt Disney Studios in Paris sucks. AND IT DOES SUCK! It's the only time I've ever been disappointed in a Disney park. The view over there is that Rasulo didn't have as much to do with the studios as it would seem on the surface.
    Go over to and you'll be able to locate the articles.

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