After several tries, finally found the "secret" to enjoying sit-down dining solo!

Simba's Mom

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Aug 26, 1999
Bring a pad of paper and a pen, and use the time to jot down notes regarding your experiences and your observations. You don't have to do anything with the info, but it makes a nice souvenier, as well as a nice way to pass the time. I don't know why I never thought of this before. I used this idea at Akerhaus (or however it's spelled) in Norway, and twice at Boma's. Although these are both buffets, I'm sure this idea would work just as well for "server" resturaunts.
I do that too. Then I use the notes I made to help me remember the details of the trip when I write my trip report :)

Great idea, Simba'sMom :D
Great idea!

I saw a woman in vermont (or NH??) painting in a little notebook once! She had a book full of these little watercolors. That's a cool travel momento!
I do the same thing ! It really helps to get rid of that self
conscious feeling. I use those quick notes to make a listing
of all that I did that day. I also look over the park map that
I will be using that day.

I also takes notes when dining solo. It may be my imagination, but when I do take notes, the service seems somewhat better.
I am at the point where I don't have to take notes to feel comfortable eating solo, but it has taken awhile for me to get there..
I have noticed the number of solo diners seems to be increasing. Be adventurous, single travelers--enjoy the freedom of dining where and when you want.
Thanks everyone for your great advise. I will be taking my 2nd solo trip in April and also pen and paper. Maybe a book? Does that work? I went solo the first time last April and I enjoyed it so much. Went again in July with family and that was great. There is just something about solo that is so peaceful---a time just for yourself. I stay at OKW and I really feel safe there and have a feeling of"home".
I am considering making sort of a "book" of my next trip - I will be going with some friends and their children, some of them making their first trip to WDW. They won't be staying with me, so I will most likely be doing some things on my own, especially at night after the little kids go to bed. It's also my first time bringing along a digital camera. I am thinking of making a book using the digital photos and text to give to my friends. If I need to eat by myself I can use that time to start working on the text!

Hi All,
I use a note pad to take notes on last trip. Did it all meals to fill in gaps in trip report. When I was at The Liberty Tree Tavern, Chip came over and wanted to write in my log. He wrote "Saw Chip today at Ltt- it was best part of my day." I am going to use that page as part of a scapbook I want to make. Taking a class next week to learn how.
last time at wdw the kids took off on own there 18 and 19 and i went to planet hollywood for supper i felt they didnt like solo travelers, first they asked if i wanted to wait for 1/2 hour for a table and when i said yes they suggested i wat at the bar, stating that they serve full dinner there, i reluctently agreed and arriving at the bar which was packed there was no room so after wasting al that time i went back and told them i would wait for a table, then i had to wait another 1/2 hr on top of that, needless to ssay i wasnt very happy especiallly since i didnt want to eat at the bar in the first place, agter that the next day i ate at alfredos at the italy pavillion, and was welcomed by the most friendly servers and people there, i dined alone and enjoyed my experiance much better,
I've done Alfredo's in Italy several times as a solo and always felt that they went out of their way to make sure that I was not rushed and that I felt welcome. I've stopped on the way out on more than one occasion to thank the manager for making a solo diner feel so comfortable. I've traveled enough on my own and eaten out enough to know how many places won't really say anything but will do their best to "rush" things along so as to turn over a table with a single diner. I've not had that happen to me anywhere so far at Disney.


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