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  1. MickeySP

    MickeySP Cruisin with sunnies & cold longnecks

    Jan 11, 2005
    Sitting at work today so the big day is running through my mind.

    I did get my email from Marthon update relative the GF Spa post race massage and have a couple questions.

    Who has done this?
    Is it worth the price?
    Is the GF the only spot? My other events have had tents at them does WDW?

    Thanks guys - getting excited/nervous/butterflies with really big shoes on them runnin garound my insides!! :earseek:
  2. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    They have massages in the massage tent post race. The massage at any of the spas is if you want something a bit more. There will be a premium for off site. I don't know the prices--but expect "maybe" $80 per hour. In the tents post race--you can do 10 minute increments. Sometimes this is enough to facilitate healing post event.

    If you do get any massage--IMHO it is worth it--but there are constraints. Deep Tissue is a big no-no. Your muscles are inflamed....this massage would hurt and there are other reasons why it is contraindicated post event--but I can't articulate what they are at the moment.

    Hot Stone/Sports are the massages recommended by my coach who is a neuromusclar therapist. You can get away with these post event--most any other isn't recommended for until a few days after.

    With a proper sports massage--it will facilitate the healing process for your muscles--and some therapists may even help you stretch a bit.

    If you are not accustomed to massages--I would stick with the tents (carry a $10 or $20 somewhere on your person). You won't be out as much cash.

    SSR also has a spa.
  3. murcor

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Ive got a massage booked at SSR for the following, Im thinking this is when I will most appreciate it....Hopefully Im right

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