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Jan 16, 2000
Not sure I am posting this in the right place =\

Have some debating going on w/ myself here and looking for input.
We are planning another trip for the Fall.
If we go the end of aug/first of sept, we could stay ten nights (if the resort has the space--have it reserved for six nights now) but it will be hotter and probably more crowded than the first week in oct.
If we go in oct, we can only stay 9 nights (if room available) at the most and probably not the resort we want to stay at. We would also be there for walt's bday celebration too but...that lasts 15 months and we could probably go back before it ends.
School starts for DS the second week in aug and we will have to take him out no matter (K'Garten no less) because DH's vacation does not start until Aug 18th.
I don't know when would be better to take him out of school, right after school starts or later =\
Then I have to take into consideration the added expense(s) of the room and tickets. I would get APs as it makes more sense.
Anyway, what do you all think about all this?!

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Usually if you're going to be there and utilize the parks for 8 days or more, it pays to get the AP. If going in August, I would even condider the PAP because it includes the water parks.

The next part is preference. I personally would go in Oct. when it is a little cooler and a little longer into the school year. Plus as you said the added bonus of the Big Party. You didn't state your resort preferences, but if onsite maybe you could snag a discount somewhere and obtain the extra night. Possibly the DC discount if you're a member. If you're not a member, I would suggest joining. The discounts you will get on the AP's will pay for the membership and you will have plenty of other opportunities to use it.

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Kindergarten teacher here. I think that if you are concerned about a smoth transition I would go in October. By that time you DS will be into the swing of what is expected and he will have no trouble regrouping when he returns. It will take a day or two but by October they know the children in the class and they will have alot to tell about the trip and everyone will want to listen. The weather in FL is much nicer in October too, the humidity will begin to lessen. I vote for Oct. I know that grade K isn't a huge learning experience but it is a time to transition to a new place. The beginning of the school year is the time when the children are making new friends. It is easier when they are doing it with the whole class.
for all the input! Hard decision for me to make. DH wants to go in Aug. I really do not know why he prefers then unless it is just because it is sooner. I will do whatever I think is best for our son :)
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Next trip: either 08/25/01-08/31/01 or 09/30/01-10/06/01 at ASMo

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I'm a teacher too, and I agree with Chesdan completely. Starting school is kind of stressful for everyone to start with, and it would be better for him to be there then. Also, I really think you'll all have a better time in October, since the weather will be more comfortable (the end of August/first of September can be very, very hot!). October should still be plenty warm enough for swimming!
Thanks. I think I will go w/ the later date to benefit DS. Now I have to cross my fingers on getting the extended timeframe in the ASMo like he wants. Availability for the time was very limited!

2/28/01-03/06/01: Wyndham Palace
Next trip: either 08/25/01-08/31/01 or 09/30/01-10/06/01 at ASMo


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