Advice on taking a 2 1/2 year old :)

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    Hi Guys :)

    A friend of mine is hoping to take her 2 1/2 year old to DLP at Christmas and is going to be tapping my knowledge shortly! I am a little rusty (to say the least) as I haven't been myself since 2002 :scared1: so I was hoping for some advice to pass on - hence I'm asking the experts :)

    *How many days do you think they will need at Christmas to 'do' both parks.
    *What would you say were the must sees for this age group
    *Am I right in thinking that all the Disney Hotels are similar in terms of room layout and content.
    *Is there a good DLP resource site (equivalent to WDWinfo) that I can direct her to.

    Many thanks guys.
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    i just got back from DLP with my daughter who is nearly 3 we stayed from tues -fri and that was enough to see everything twice over
    the must sees for this age group my daughter was mad for the meet and greets with characters and princesses a tip is to go early to the park if the magical extra hours are in the morning (if they are staying in disney hotel) we got in line at about 9.30am and they came at about 10am we found that the best option.
    Rides its a small world, dumbo flying elephants, the flying carpets, the caurosel, peter pan be aware my daughter was terrified of pirates of the carribean, snow white ride and star tours.
    if the adults want to go on the big rides they do baby switch which is good
    The parade at 4pm is brilliant:cool1: but get there early to get a good spot my husband got our place outside the castle at 3.15 we met him later, also the candleabtration at 7pm we got our spot at 6.30pm but my daughter really enjoyed it.
    At the disneyland studios they have a parade at 1.30pm and some rides for little ones the
    animagique and cinemagique are both worth taking little ones to.
    A meal at Cafe Mickey is also worth it as there are plenty of characters who come to your table but without the crowds, but make sure they book it gets busy we went at lunchtime at 12pm the characters came out at 12.15pm
    We stayed at the Santa Fe basic but clean and we only slept there
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    Definitely think about a character meal - we went in August with our DD 2 years and 3 months and I found she was thrilled with the one on one interaction she got at Cafe mickey but not really old enough to get the whole waiting in long lines to see a character thing.

    We spent loads of time in Fantasy land, we have been to DLRP before so didn't feel the need to see and do EVERYTHING - we ended up doing a few favourite rides several times - Its A Small World, Casey Junior and the Riverboat were our daughters favourites. She quite enjoyed Pirates of the Carribbean and Peter Pan too and loved the parades.

    I recommend for info about Disneyland Resort Paris.

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