Advice on getting to Chef Mickey's


DIS Veteran
Mar 21, 2002

I have a PS for Chef Mickey @ the ungodly hour of 7:00 am! I'm staying at the AKL and wondered on the best way to get there. I was thinking of driving to the Contemporary and parking for three hours but I was going to hit MK after the buffet and don't want to come out and move the car to the T&TC. If I was just to use the bus, would I get one early enough to get there (and what would be the best way to go - head to MK and walk?)

This one is doing my head in!!


DIS Veteran
Feb 6, 2004
Why not pay the $7 fee and valet park at The Contemporary? Then you can stay all day :)

I'm not so sure if the monorail etc. runs that early. It might do, but we've certainly not been up that early to check before!



DVC Silver
Dec 2, 1999
My DH took DS and DD for a 7am breakfast at Chef Mickey's whilst I finished packing on the last day. They caught a bus at about 6.30 and it took them straight to the Contemporary because they were the only ones on it and it was cold(16th Dec). Not sure where they usually drop people off but I watched the Disney info channel in room and it did state that Disney Transport starts early enough to accommodate early PS seatings. I'm sure the hotel's front desk will be able to confirm drop off points for you


DIS Veteran
Oct 14, 2002
Ithink it must depend on the time of year etc. When DH & my Dad did the steam train tour they parked at the contemporary & were able to stay the whole day without having to move the car. This was in October, so I'm guessing it was xonsidered to be a "slower" time of year.


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