Advice on Donald's bkfst and then over to MK?

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    Hi, DS loves Pluto and for a character/B-day meal we have decided on Donalds at AK. We have PS for 9:10...thought we'd stay 'till noon or so in AK and head over to MK. There is E-night at MK that night so we are hoping that the later day arrival will not limit us too much. I know LTT has Pluto there for character dinner and would be more convenient, but kids will not eat the food choices there, and will at least nibble on some of the breakfast at AK. Do you think we have sheduled our PS are too late in the a.m.? It will be DS actual b-day and he is not an early riser, but is a night-owl, so e-night works out well. We will be at CBR and I think we need to allow extra travel time from there by bus. If I attempt to get DS up any earlier than 7/7:30, it could get UGLY!;)
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    I think this is doable since your son hates to get up early but be prepared to spend lots of time in transit. And since you have a long day planned, you might just want to spend lots of time sitting anyway. :)

    Hopefully, you'll have a chance to return to AK if you enjoy the park because it will be hard to get anything done in only a few hours.
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    The Garden Grill at Epcot also has Pluto (lunch and dinner only). We have eaten there three times wih our VERY picky DS. They get chicken fingers (very good), french fries, and mac and cheese. Desert is included. If you can switch your AK day to another day... you could sleep in that day, go to the pool in the morning... and have the earliest lunch seating at Garden Grill.

    The bus from CBR to Epcot would just take a couple of minutes (it's right there). The Garden Grill is very close to the entrance (Land pavilon). After lunch you could monorail over to MK. Ask to sit up front with the driver . Just an idea. Your son would not have to get up early and you would not have so much running around on buses. He would also get to ride the monorail and kids just love that!
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    Sounds like our plan. Are you going in Aug by any chance?? We have Donald's booked for 10:00 on 8/22. We'll leave there and go back to our resort for a bit and then over to MK for dinner at LTT and e-night!! I would think you'll be fine.

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