Advice for getting on/off buses w/ECV?


DIS Veteran
Feb 28, 2000
Going in Feb. - renting an ECV again. Last trip we did not take it on a bus - what advice can you give me about taking the ECV on the buses for transportation to the parks?
Make sure you back on to the lift, and then when you back up just make a sharp turn into the space the bus provides for you. When you get the the park all you have to do is pull onto the lift. I did have trouble with one bus. The lift for some reason would not go down (I think it was user error). I also know that now they have a few buses with a ramp in the back. This would be much easier to manuver. The buses are a great way to get around at WDW and be independent. If you want to go to a park by yourself while your family takes a nap or swims I would really suggest it. Believe me I was really worried when I took my ECV with me about the buses and transportation, but after you get on and off the busses one time you will be a pro at it. Have a great time.


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