Addicted to Disney Planning....What will I do when it is over?

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    Sep 24, 2009
    Well, I am new here to the DISboards but I love all the Disney planning and forums. I decided since I am the ultimate planner, I should do a thread to pre-date our trip. Then I can come back later and see how close to the plan we came.
    We started talking about our trip last Oct (a year out) and finally booked in November of 2008 for our trip in October 2009. Let me start by telling you who is going to Disneyworld. It will be ME (will celebrate birthday when we are there), my DH, DD (will celebrate 29 when we are there), her husband (for the time being....that story later). He will also celebrate his birthday (30)while we are there. Also, my precious angels:littleangel:: DGD (4) and DGD (2). And my son in laws parents will also be joining us.

    As I mentioned, we booked our trip with the Disney TA in November and got what we thought was a decent deal on the package (MYW w/dining). We opted to do airline tickets ourselves at a later date. We were all pumped about going and told DGD4 that once she turned 4 we could go. We also told her she had to start eating better so she would get to 40" tall (family trick because she never wants to eat).

    Now mind you, along with all of my Disney planning (and I am a planner....ask my family....I plan right down to when we can take potty breaks....thats what THEY say) :rotfl2: I was also planning a really big wedding for my youngest DD.

    Sometime in the spring of 2009, we saw that they were offerening upgrades to resorts. We had booked in All Stars Movies and were able to upgrade to the POFQ for no additional charge. We are really excited at this point.:cheer2: We had hoped for the FREE dining but knew that our trip would be several weeks past the deadline. Oh well, you can't have everything.

    In May, we pulled off the most beautiful wedding :bride:and now with that behind us and DD happily married and on her own, we are back to planning.:rolleyes1

    Sometime after the wedding, my oldest and son in law (who have been having problems) decide its best that they part ways. We are heartbroken. Seriously.:confused3 but have come to realize that nothing in life is promised and we made up our minds that we would have to accept it and move on and do our best to understand and stand beside her and help her through this time. Our next delimna (besides how to help her) is that we have ALL already committed to this trip and for the granddaughters sake, really wanted to go through with it. HOW DO YOU TELL A 4 YR OLD THAT YOU AREN'T GOING TO DISNEY NOW? That would be like ruining her life, right? So, as adults, we all agreed that we would be grown up about it and still go and make it "a week for the girls". And the trip is on. :thumbsup2

    Back to planning.... A couple months down the road and we heard they had extended the FREE dining into you guessed it, we called and had them add that to our package also. WE ARE NOW REALLY EXCITED!!!
    90 days out is Dining Ressie day. I am out of town so my Disney devoted daughter gets up on a Sunday morning @ 6:00 a.m. to make ressies so we would get all of our wishes. And she was able to get everything including a BBB appt. for DGD4.

    We have sat and worked out an itinery for our trip. We will be there 8 nights (9 days). Hopefully the weather will cooperate and everyone will stay healthy and happy and we will pull this off with out a glitch.
    Our Plans are:
    Sat (arriving mid day): Check into hotel, DTD and then Dinner Chef Mickey's
    Sun MK Dinner Ohana
    Mon HS Dinner (early) 50's Prime Time...celebrating my birthday.
    Tues AK Dinner Boma...celebrating son in laws birthday
    Wed MK (starting with BBB) Dinner Liberty Tree
    Thurs EP (starting day @ Akershus for Princess Breakfast)
    Fri HS Lunch @ Mama Melrose...celebrating DD birthday.
    Sat MK starting day @ Crystal Palace breakfast...celebrating DGD2 birthday
    Sun maybe 1/2 day in park of choice and then to the airport

    Since the wedding in May, I have spent countless hours in my sewing room making customs for my granddaughters. They each have 12 custom outfits plus custom made jackets. And yes, I realize we are only there for 9 maybe we will change them twice a day...ha. I just couldn't stop myself.
    I also made Tinkerbell custom overalls for DD and Capt. Hook custom overalls for son in law (I am a nice person and he is going to wear them if I have to dress him myself...ha. Since the DGD's have custom Tinkerbell overalls, they plan to dress alike as a family one day @ MK. Look for them if you are there. Hopefully it will be Sunday the 25th.

    For now, that is my pre-trip report. We are leaving on the 24th and hope to have the most magical trip ever. :cheer2::grouphug:

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