Add-on via resale


Jan 18, 2002
Any comments from the veterans regarding buying resale through Timeshare Store? Is it ok to purchase OKW Oct 250 at $60 - $65 per pt?

Sorry, I think I have posted in the wrong area. Can anyone help me to more this to DVC section?
Hello MAAAAAHSHAAAA! I'm sure Marsha will be glad to move it over to the DVC Board.

And by the by, welcome to the DIS!
Well, while your waiting for the move. I purchased my initial DVC via the Timeshare store and it went great!
We are going through the Timeshare Store right now on a Vero Beach resale. Shontell has been great about answering my questions and getting right back to me. I called her today and made an offer on the contract. She called the owners and asked them, then called me back within 2 hours with their counter offer. I grabbed it! Shontell told me that she could fax me the forms today or (since I don't own a fax machine) she would overnight me the information. So I am expecting the package tomorrow!! By Monday I can send things back to her and it should move fairly quickly from there. 24-72 hours to hear about financing....if we were accepted by Tammac. And from there they say it is 4-6 weeks before you close. Some happen faster and some slower. As to when our information will actually show up in Disney's computer I honestly don't know the timeline for.

Good luck!!:)

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