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    Hi all-

    I did a bit of searching, but please point me in the direction if these have been answered. :thumbsup2

    I am considering an ABD trip as a solo traveler in 2013. I've been salivating over the Central Italy itinerary & prefer the Europe trips. I know there's an extra cost if you're a solo traveler, but I'd like some input from y'all on what you spent in food, the extras, etc. Airfare isn't included I see, so there's that.

    So as I budget & plan for this, what approx should I expect to spend on the following? For this discussion, I'm not necessarily interested in the souvenirs part, I know that can vary wildly. I would also imagine the Euro/Dollar exchange rate influences this.

    *Meals not included
    *incidental costs (bus fares, tips, snacks, etc)
    *For your first ABD trip, what costs surprised you?

    Thanks, everyone! :goodvibes I'm hoping to make this work next year and so I want to start saving my pennies. :yay:
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    Let me see if I can help....

    Most meals are included during your Adventure. The meals that are not included are usually during your "on your own" time and what you eat and what you spend is entirely up to you.

    If you are content with a slice of pizza, you can get away with a couple of euros. If you are looking for a 3 michelin star meal, you can spend hundreds of euros.

    Personally, when I'm on my own....I look for something simple so the my "on your own" time is not spent sitting in a restaurant.

    All tips are included in the cost of your Adventure except for gratuities for your two guides. ABD suggest $6 - $9 per day, per guide, per Adventurer.

    On all of the Adventures I've done, the guides offered snacks while on the bus traveling from place to place. These can be consumed on the bus or taken with you for later......or both if you'd like. We were told to take what we'd like for now and / or later. Bottled water is also provided.

    Snacks are another personal choice. A bag of chips from a corner store will usually be less than one euro. Sitting down to coffee and a small bite in a cafe in larger city will be considerably more expensive. This is entirely up to you.

    This would be equally true in WDW or anywhere else you go.

    As I'm going to Italy in May, I have been watching the exchange rate and while it fluctuates, in the last couple of days, it's been approximately 1 euro = $1.32 US.

    100 euros will cost $132.00 US plus whatever fee your bank or exchange business charges. My bank charges $10 to exchange anything up to 999 euros. If I want 1000 euros or more, the fee increases.

    Transportation costs during you "on your own" time can also vary great. You can use the mass transit available in most cities or take a taxi whose cost will vary by distance traveled. Asking if any of your fellow Adventurers are interested in going to the same place that interests you might save some money if you share the cost of transportation.

    Also, keep in mind that museums and other attractions not included in your Adventure may charge an entrance fee...which would also be your responsibility.
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    Jan 10, 2008
    Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate it! That does answer my questions, thank you. I figured I'd aim high budget-wise & if I come home with extra that'll be gravy.

    Thanks! :thumbsup2


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