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Oct 30, 1999
Do to our arrival in Orlando during Thanksgiving Day weekend, we must fly on Sat Nov 30 vs Dec 1. We are taking the Dec 7 cruise, so we will be leaving on the 14th. We usually fly on US AIR but their prices are very high, and have no reasonable flights around 12:00 (noon). Therefore we are looking at AA and Delta. Do you think AA through Chicago is too much of a chance of being delayed, or would it be better to take Delta through Atlanta & CVG? Thanks!
Just my personal opinion, I would rather have CVG or ATL for connections. Also more flights out of ATL, so if you do miss a connection, you have a better chance of being put on a different flight. The airlines will go through at least two MAJOR schedule changes before your flights at Thanksgiving, so more than likely what you book now will not be your flights in Nov.
We have flown American out of Chicago many times without delays, but we generally take the first flight out in the morning. As the day wears on, O'Hare tends to get more and more backed up. When we returned from MCO last weekend, we were amazed at the conga line of jets waiting to take off (we saw them as we landed).
However, all things being equal, I would take American over Delta. We had a terrible experience with Delta (including being yelled at and accused of being liars by their customer service rep. in MCO). In contrast, when we once missed our plane (it was our fault...we were at the airport but still managed to miss it), American was SUPER about getting us on the next one when we explained that we needed to get to FL ASAP for a cruise.
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also keep in mind that fares are going to change many times
between now and then...if you find a fare you cant pass up then get it but there are always fare sales....
We had a lousy experience with service on American when flying home for a funeral. I never flew them again. Usually we go Northwest, but two years ago when we went to Orlando for New Years I didn't want to risk connections where we could get snowed in / delayed. I went with Delta because they had southern hubs and also were flying widebodied 767 (dh Boeing guy) which are more comfortable. Anyway, we were due out at 6:45 and that flight was cancelled so they put us on a 6:05. At 3 am our phone started ringing. They called each of us individually including my daughter's best friend to let us know of the change. I thought it was very considerate (one time Alaska never told us and we got to the airport and had a 6 hour wait). We were very satisfied with their service and are flying them again next month!

I do think it's very common to find lots of different opinions on subjects like this. I'd go with the best times and $$$. I don't know how early it starts snowing in Chicago... but I bet Barb does :~)


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