A small lie for a girl aged 3

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Mar 4, 2001
The family and I have got 17 days booked off site for the beginning of May (1st ever trip). The youngest of my 2 girls will have turned 3 by a couple of months. She's not exactly big for her age and friends have been suggesting there is no need to buy her tickets, just say she is under 3. How strict are they when it comes to under 3's?? I realize this will mean not being very honest, but $400+ is an awful lot of prezzies and momentos for the kids.
It happens all the time...

The CM's at the gate don't usually bat an eye. Once in awhile a security guard will ask to see a ticket, but not CM's.

If your heart will allow you to go through with it, you probably won't have a problem.

By the way, this is a pretty brave question to ask on these boards!! Good luck with your decision. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face">
I agree with Mperry... I have heard that the rule of thumb, is that if the child is small & in a stroller they don't usually ask... Personally, I think charging nearly full price for a 3 year old is outrageous, but I realize they have to make the cutoff somewhere :-(
This has been asked before and it really comes down to whether you want to be honest or not. Are you willing to tell your child to tell CM's that she is not 3? Is it worth the money to demonstrate to your child that sometimes it's okay to lie? I would be much more concerned about this message then anything else.


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Just wanted to add a note - what type of tickets are you planning on using? If you are planning on more than 8 park days an Annual Pass works out cheapest and even without a discount they are $314.82 for a child 3-9. These would be great for an extended trip also because you are not limited to the number of days and can do just a few hours in the parks without "using" an entire day.

I don't imagine you should have many problems doing what you are suggesting, which is the actual answer to your question.

I will also say that I think the passes are very expensive (we just spent $1300 for our upcoming April trip!-including one for a three year old), BUT, you might really consider how you'll feel about lying every day. We had a similiar situation on a trip to DL-my dd turned 3 in late Sept. and we went in mid Dec. Of course, the amount of money was significantly less! But, we just couldn't do it.

As an aside, my yongest son used to say he was three whenever someone asked his age (he was two at the time) I brought his birth certificate during that trip to DL, because I was sure someone would ask his age, and we'd look like we were lying, even though we weren't. However, we didn't need it at all.

Anyway, I didn't mean to go on and on-just really think about your decision carefully.

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AS the other posters said, you probably won't be asked to "prove it" but you are lying. I wouldn't want to teach that to my kids. Yes, it is expensive, but you know that going in. We are going in June and my daughter just turned three and we bought her a ticket. IMHO it is just wrong.


what it all comes down to is.... what is the price of your integrity? what is the example you are setting for your children?

i am not trying to come down hard, but would you really enjoy your trip, if you spent the entire time worring about being "found out"
We went to wdw the 1st time when my son was barely 3, & to be honest it never occurred to me to not buy him a pass. Lying is a major thing to me & as they grew I never let my kids still claim to be under 12 for the movies either. However, a good friend of mine claimed her child was under 2 for at least 3 1/2 years(They traveled twice a year because her parents live in Vero Beach, FL) & she didn't even pay for a plane ticket let alone Disney passes. So, you can do it with no question, its a personal decision.

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What a pleasant suprise it is to see that there are such honest people still living in the world! Wonderful! I agree too! It all starts with a "little white" lie and before you know it..YOU become the President of the United States (pardon the pun, but I couldn't resist!) What Would Jesus do? I give this one 2 THUMBS UP!!! :D
You would almost definately get away with it. If you are questioned on the age, the child will hear you lie. In September we bought AP's for ourselves (the parents), our three "adult" children ages 13, 12, and 10 (definately could have saved some cash on the 10 year old if we'd said he was 9), one child age 7. We were able to fly back for just a weekend (Priceline) in December after my 2 year old had just turned 3. We bought him his own pass even though he hadn't really physically changed in six weeks and was still in a stroller, and still couldn't ride many of the rides. Sure, my other kids could have had some t-shirts and trinkets to take home with the $350 or so that our little one's AP cost us. Instead they got the example of parents who won't lie even for money. The fact that you would even ask if it's okay to do this tells me it would weigh on you. A bothered conscience could definately take some of the magic out of one's trip. Have a wonderful vacation.
Thanks for all the honest replies. With my hand on my heart I can honestly say it hadn't occured to me not to pay until someone said "Your not paying for L are you??" I do not commend lying either so perhaps I've answered my own question. Enough said !!
I am so glad to see so many responses to this question being that they would not do this. We have a child who is very, very young looking and small for his age. At 4 he could probably have passed for under 3 and at 11 looked 9 but we would always pay the right amount for his age not his appearance. How would I explain to him why it's wrong to lie about breaking a window or some other misdeed but that it was okay to lie to save money?
but folks got to decide for themselves...our recent Feb. trip with our recently turned 3 year old who is sort of small was a good case in point. He had a pass but we had a double stroller for him and his little brother. They both would be in the stroller and before I could get both his and my pass out much less inserted we were being wisked thru the gate. It is obvious to us that he would not have been questioned.

That being said we did eat at the H&V for the Fantasmic special entry and were really dreading paying $10 dollars for him to eat nothing. He didn't and we were not charged for him. I think they assumed that he was under 3. Were we wrong that is one that I am not going to spend alot of time worrying about.
on my last trip in dec my Dd was 3 and I will admit that I didn't pay for her and those who want to flame me you go right ahead. I have no guilty conscience about it. I spend enough $4 at disney as it is. and for the amount of things that she is able to ride I feelt hat the prices they charge are outrageous and then they keep jacking the prices up as well. the next time we go I will have to pay for her and then I shall but when they just turn 3 and you go why bother? not one time was I ever asked her age nor did anyone ever ask her. besides if you do ask her she tells everyone she is 5 or 6 or even 10. and I doubt very much if at that young of an age she really understands that I am telling someone she isn't 3 yet....have you ever heard some of the stories that kids this young tell? if she were 4 or 5 and I did this and she heard me say she was under 3 then yes I can say at this point its wrong but for that trip it wasn't. (besides when I made the ressies she was still under 3 so when they asked me at that point I wasn't lying she was under 3!)if I had to do it all over again the answer is yes I would in a new york minute and I'm not going to lie and say I wouldn't cause of what someone might think of me. I don't pretend to be holier than thou. I'll admit it.

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Everyday we're all faced with decisions regarding right and wrong. Some people have no problem with lying and that's their own decision. The problem comes in when the lying affects others. Disney charges enough now seems to be a common ground between those who pay and those who don't. Disney will continue to raise prices because they need to make up the deficit for those who don't pay. If you cannot afford to pay the prices that Disney charges then maybe it's not the trip for you. I'm not flaming anyone and I'm not self-righteous either. I just get upset that I'm still paying for those who choose willingly not to pay for their children. I personally believe that many adults give children a whole lot less credit for what they actually understand.

Off the topic slightly, I heard a rapper say that he no longer let's his child listen to his music because she is 5 now and understands the lyrics a lot more. I think she shouldn't have been listening from the start. The damage has already been done.

So where do we draw the line as to what a child will understand and what they won't when it comes to intentionally being deceitful for selfish reasons? This is just my opinion but I'm still happy to see everyone else's opinions as well. :D
Well i have to say that i agree with beverly, and i also commend her for not going with the flow and just saying it was wrong, even though she did it herself.

This issue came up for us when we first started planning our trip, but we eventually changed dates so it was no longer an issue.HOWEVER- i had no qualms about saying that my son was under 3.
Maybe that makes me a less honest person- but lets face it NO ONE telss the absolute truth all the time.

And as far as money goes- yes that was a big reason for the lie.BUT to say that maybe then this is not the trip for you- EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO GO TO DISNEY AT LEAST ONCE!
And to say that if your not comfortably well off than don't go is putting disney out of reach for everyone but the financially comfortable. Poor Walt would roll over in his grave! His dream was not for a park for the elite, but for all children!
I'm sorry for the rant but i think that a lot of people have forgotten what WDW was intended for.I'd hate to see it turn into a playground for the rich.
Sherrie :(
I usually never ever even consider replying to these type discussions and probably should seriously reconsider clicking on that PostNow button below before I do ;)

Maybe Disney should just charge everybody regardless of age. How 'bout that for a solution? ;) In this time of political correctness and discrimination that would eliminate any and all cheating on park entrance fees, except for those that choose to use other people's AP's but that's a whole other topic, some people will ALWAYS try to beat the system and probably many will get away with it. After all . . . . considering those strollers do take up alot of room on the monorail, the boats & especially the buses, the sidewalks and pathways too. Also an expense to the bottom line is the extra CM labor it takes to keep track and move all those strollers parked at the various rides. Bet it would make the stockholders happy too!

I have a 3 yr. old and he was "just barely" 3 during our December trip and yes I did buy him an AP and plan an Oct. and Dec. '01 trip and we will utilize 22 days with the AP's. And no I don't take the holier-than-thou high road either as like others have mentioned the thought of NOT paying never even crossed my mind.


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I am not rich by any means. I work hard like most other people. My point at saying that maybe this trip is not for you is this: Everything in life can't always be instant gratification. Maybe if you saved up a little while longer you would be able to make the trip without having to be dishonest about it. These boards have been extremely helpful in providing tips to all to have great trips for every financial budget. But no one should complain about high prices IF THEY HAVE NOT PAID THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. That's just my additional two cents worth! No hard feelings here! ;)
...that I really appreciate how respectful you all have been on this thread. This is a topic that we as moderators tend to keep an extra eye on due to its nature. But you have all voiced opinions in a respectful way and have not been judgemental.
Thanks for that and keep up the good work! :)

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