A question about the new boards


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Mar 30, 2001
Getting used to the new boards and just had a quick question. I know you guys must be going nuts - but keep up the good work. Wanted to know if threads and posts from before the change are available? I can't seem to find any way to get to them. There was so much good info and I wanted to check up on a tread from last week. I understand if stuff was lost in the change.


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Feb 11, 1999
The are still available on a read only basis. Here's my link to the old CB. Community Board

You should be able to follow the links from there to the other boards. The information will be available for a limited time.

Chris C

Returning DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 1999
You can still access the information on the "old boards" HERE They are still there, but in a "read only" format.

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