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    Just got back after a 3 day trip to Orlando, one of which was Business purposes. I had shared in few earlier posts that I was taking my Mom for her 69th birthdy, which also happened to be her first visit to the Kingdom.

    Here is what we were able to accomplish over our 2 day visit:

    Tuesday: (Pixie dust alert)

    12:30 - Checked in at ASmu. We were checked in my an outstanding CM named Paula. Informed us that our room wasn't ready, but would call to see if she could get us something else. After a few minutes she hung up the phone and told us that we were upgraded to a preferred room! She then saw the note that it was Mom's 1st visit and her Bday and said she would be right back. We waited for almost 10 minutes and she finally appeared, coming out of a door at the other end of the lobby. In her hands were 3 balloons, a pink Carnation, a personalized autograhed picture of Mickey along with a beautiful wooden Mickey picture frame! Instant Disney magic and we were only here for 15 minutes!

    2:30 Lunch at Kona Cafe. Ahi Tuna burger was unbelievable! Brought out a birthday cupcake on a decorated plate adorned with a few Disney characters.

    3:30 - Monorail Resort tour. Grand Floridian lobby looked spectacular. Had a photo opportunity of a lifetime at the GF. Went to take the elevator back down to the 1st floor (Mom is in a wheelchair by the way) pushed the elevator button and no more than 2 seconds later, the doors opened and out walked Mickey and Minnie dressed in their wedding suits. I asssume they were on their way over to "officiate" a wedding? By the time I was able to turn on my camera, I was only able to snap a picture as they walked away!

    4:00 - Got our wristbands and on to MVMCP!

    Immediately hopped over to the theater and got our pics taken with M&M. Less than a 10 minute wait and was a great way to start Mom's visit. They both made a huge fuss over her bday pins and she loved every minute of it.

    Planned to hit all of the rides that would be closed for the party, and over the next 3 hours we visited/rode Jungle Cruise, Hall of Presidents, Haunted Mansion, watched the Castle Lighting ceremony then finished things with a visit to the COP.

    7:00 - Did Buzz, Laugh Floor, TTA then grabbed some burgers at Cosmic Rays. 10 minute wait for Winnie and no wait at all for Peter Pan.

    9:00 - grabbed a spot for Magic, Memories and You (loved this 15 minutes of fun) followd by an awesome Christmas Wishes. Made sure we hit the Philharmagic before the parade.

    10:30 - had a great spot in Frontierland and thought the parade rocked. Love, love, love this parade.

    11:00 - IASW and POTC finsihed up our night, and had less than a 10 minute wait for the bus back to our resort.


    9:30 - The Land

    Grabbed FP for Soarin and hopped right on with a 10 minute wait. Ate a decent breakfast at 4 Seasons and made our way for a ride on Living with the land. Decided we wouldn't ride Soarin again,, so passed on the fun and handed our 3 FP to a nice and very appreciative family.

    10:30 - the Seas. Rode Nemo opting to skip Turtle Talk.

    11:00 - World Showcase where we rode the boat rides in Mexico and Norway, stopping at each country for about 15 minnutes for photos, shopping,browsing and a few snacks.

    Had 1:30 lunch reservations at Rose and Crown, but Mom asked if we could skip it and instead head to Animal Kingdom because she has always wanted to go on the Safari! ok - no problem!

    Decided to finish up the World by heading over to the Toy Soldier and who walks in less than 5 minutes later but Tigger and Pooh - who happen to me my Moms favorite characters. Once again they too fussed over her and I was able to get some great photos.

    As we headed for the exit, we stopped at Club Cool where it's a tradition to make everyone drink a cup of Beverly as a bad joke. Hopped on to Spaceship Earth and headed to the bus for AK.

    2:30 - Got to AK and headed directly to the Safari. Literally walked straight on to a waiting truck and off we went. had some great animal sightings including a Rhiniowho was less than 2 feet from Moms side of the truck

    A 5 minute wait for It's Tough to be a Bug, then left my Mom for a quick ride on EE, which we walked directly on to.

    5:00 and we were on our way to HS. Met up with a CM family member and made our way to the Great Movie Ride, once again 5 minute wait. Gourmet dinner at Pizza Planet and a viewing of Muppets finished off our list of attractions (she had no desire to ride TSM and can't ride any "thrill rides")

    7:00 and we were standing in the Streets of America mesmorized by the Osborne Lights. If you haven't seeen this - do yourself the favor and do so. The atmosphere was fantastic - lights, music and snow! We bounced around for 45 minutes or so taking in this wonderful piece of Disney Christmas magic before we headed for home.

    So yes, we jammed alot of "stuff" in 20 hours, but not once did we ever find ourselves rushed - allowing her to enjoy the "Greates Hits" that each of the 4 parks had to offer.Most importantly, I truly can't believe the magic we experienced together and how many wonderful memories I will always have of my Mom that were created on this wonderful Mom and son Disney trip!!

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