A letter to Everyone to Save VMK!

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    Sep 15, 2006
    I used every Dsney, Sulake, newpaper and news show email I could find and sent them this letter.

    The contacts are easy to find on this forum or petition sites.

    We can do this and win!

    Dear Sirs,

    Many of you have heard my plea to save VMK already in the past week, but I am not ready to give up trying to keep it alive. We are a Disney household of 5 and our hearts are still breaking over this terrible news. I have yet to even tell my youngest children that it may be ending. When I told my ten year old she cried for two days and wrote to all the Disney addresses we could possibly find. I told her we would not give up. My five year old actually thinks the people in the game live there. It is pure magic and so incredibly sweet. He can't wait to ride on all the cool rides with his character and to see all his friends.

    There are so many stories going around as to why this is happening. No one seems to be the villain here but I am pleading for some agreements to be made in order to keep this wonderful game going. Disney may have started this as an advertisement but it has turned into a "real" safe world for so many adults and children alike who need a community with real values. It was like living in a Disney dream.

    Please Sulake work out some kind of agreement to release Disney from any obligations they have to your company. You will feel a much bigger hit if it turns out you are the reason VMK goes out. The Forums are very strong and will start a boycott against your company and your games (Habbo Hotel). Don't think we will all be running to join your pay to play sites. It will be the exact opposite. And speaking as a parent of three potential customers, I will never allow any of my children near your sites if VMK does go black because of your inability to compromise on this issue.

    Disney, revenue will be of no consequence if you in-state a pay to play policy and once again serve your VMK patrons in the parks and web-sites like disneymovierewards.com. It is very obvious that everyone is more than willing to support this monitarily if the game will continue. We all love you and appreciate all the magic you have brought into our lives. Thank you, Thank you!

    As a community we are reaching out to the media to help our small voices be reached by a larger audience. Once people hear about this most wonderful game and the how it has benefited so many people, the possibilities are endless for all involved. It would be a win, win situation all the way around. VMK could be the biggest thing since peanut butter met jelly. :)

    Rest assured you will be hearing from me again and many others before and long after the day that VMK goes dark.

    As you have heard so many times over the past week! Please save VMK!

    Warmest Regards,

    Marian Alderson
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    Mar 19, 2004
    Beautiful Letter. So well written. Yes you are right we do not know who is causing this. Wish we knew thanks for posting it.

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