A Flaw in the shopper's Pass?!?!?!

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    Nov 13, 2000
    IOA/USF Shopper's Pass; A Flaw!?!?!?!?!

    My wife and I were at Citywalk this evening and decided to get a shopper's pass for her to go into IOA with me to look for Spiderman gifts for my nephew's birthday tomorrow. I have an annual pass so we only needed one.

    We walked up to Guest Services to see if they still had them and the gentleman informed me they usually stop issuing them 3 hours before park close (9 PM this evening) we got there at 6:30 PM. He gave issued us one for 1 hour, ($26.50).

    We returned to GS at 7:10 and I returned the pass while my wife went to relax. As we were walking away she said to me, "I see a flaw in the system." "What?", I said.

    You returned the pass and I was not there. How does he know that I did not stay in the park while you returned the pass and used your annual pass to reenter?

    Now I know she would not be able to leave and reenter or use Universal Express but what if was an "off" time and we were able to do the whole place in less than 1 day.

    Anyone else thought of this?????????

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