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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by DizKarAzy, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. DizKarAzy

    DizKarAzy Earning My Ears

    Nov 30, 2006
    I am looking to become a DVC member but still have a few unanswered questions..

    1. I have seen a sig line w/ a pic of AKV... Is there someplace I can find info on the upcoming AKV? Pictures and such?? I would like this info because I may not want to spend all of my money on SSR w/o knowing what AKV will be like.

    2. Lets say I buy 150 points at SSR and 150 points at AKV?? Will I have the advantage of making ressies 11 months before at both resorts? If so, can I say, make a ressie at the AKV using all of my 300 yearly points ?? Or will it turn into a situation where I am borrowing points from my next year allotment at AKV?? And I still have 150 to use at SSR for that year??

    I hope this isnt too confusing!! Maybe someone can help who has membership at 2 different places???

    Thank you!:)
  2. phorsenuf

    phorsenuf Not so New Rule author

    Feb 21, 2003
    There has not been any official info released except it's going to happen. Pricing and point structure has not been released not when sales may begin.

    You can make 11 month ressies at your home resort only. So if you book at AKV and need 200 points you can use 150 of those at the 11 month window and then you would have to wait until the 7 month window to finish out your ressies using SSR points. But you could always borrow some AKV points to complete the whole 200 point reservation. At least that is my understanding of it.

    We bought at SSR last year under the same friends and family promotion as they are offering now. I've been able to book outside my home resort on short notice thus far. But I am in the mindset where I don't mind where I stay as long as I am there.
  3. LisaS

    LisaS DIS Veteran

    Feb 7, 2005
    Owning at more than one resort allows you to book at both resorts starting 11 months out, but you can only use the points that you OWN at that resort to do so. So if you own 150 points at SSR and 150 points at AKV, you can only use your AKV points to book there 11 months out. If you needed 200 points for a stay there, you could borrow 50 AKV points from your next Use year to get the 200 AKV points needed to make the 11-month reservation. Or, as phorsenuf said, you could book part of your stay at 11 months using AKV points and try to extend your reservation at 7 months out using SSR points, subject to availability.
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  5. lisareniff

    lisareniff DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2003
    Many who have two home resorts (two contracts) will alternate years at the two resorts. Using two years worth of points for resort A and banking that years points at Resort B to use the following year.

    Or will split a stay between two different types of resorts. Part of the stay at VWL to be near MK and the other part at BWV to be near Epcot/MGM.

    There is lots of flexibility in the system with banking and borrowing.
  6. rwatterson

    rwatterson Mouseketeer

    Sep 21, 2006
    We have 5 contracts (Alll Same use year) at 4 different resorts (HHI then OKW then VB then OKW again then VBC before it opened). I didn't buy at SSR but will pick up points at VAK when there avil.

    We have loved the advantage of the extra points for DCL have been out 3 times and booked again Aug 07 Spain to FL we have also stayed in Mexico and got to go to DisneyLand 3 times now - all because of points!!

    In short buy where and when you can then add later if the time is right then for you
  7. DizKarAzy

    DizKarAzy Earning My Ears

    Nov 30, 2006
    Thanks for all of your replies! You have all been very helpful...:thumbsup2
  8. kimberh

    kimberh DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 2004
    I love your pictures of your soldier!!! Tell him we are praying for him and our men over there. My father was in Viet Nam twice. I feel that I know some of the sacrifice. God Bless your family.


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