A DIS Veteran for the second time.


I love my DW, DDs, & DVC!
Feb 21, 2001
I just realized I lost my last few posts and fell below 75 posts. This one will put me over the top again.:) :D :cool:
You look like a simple member to me.....I am just posting to see what I look like.......I guess simply a member would be a better way to put it, sorry.
I wonder what the number is to be "Senior member"?

Obviously, higher than 75
You can change your title by going into User CP. I'm trying this to see if my change worked. :cool:
I was wondering about this also. Used to be "Welcomed Guest" and "DIS Veteran." I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to the titles now. Hope that DebbieB is right about being able to change them. I just changed mine & am trying it out.
Just when I finally got the old system figured out....


Just had to post to check all this out!!

Just noticed a spell checker too!
I lost my member status too

but it wont take long to get it back :bounce:
what my tag is as I was a fairly new veteran.

Also, how have some on you put your DVC Member/location info in your header? Just re-read the replies on this post and see that USER CP will change it. Editing to see what happens.

I like the smilies!!:bounce:
Lets see if my modification worked.....25 characters wasn't quite enough. I need a few more.
This seems to be the place to check out how we look when posting, so here goes mine!:earsgirl:

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