$99 deal "fine print"


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Dec 15, 1999
What a bummer:( I just called to make ressies for the fall portion of this double cruise deal and found I could not reserve the same room. That puts
us in a real bad position because we had a "secret porthole room" which is technically considered an inside stateroom (which we would never want). So we are only guaranteed an inside stateroom on the fall cruise. Boo Hoo! I got the secret room for the friends that will be cruising with us though. The other part that's bad is the "friends" room doesn't qualify for the $25 REF code onboard credit. Cruise rooms seem to be booking quickly.
You still have to admit that sailing on a Disney Cruise for 3 days with all meals and entertainment included is a fantastic deal at $99 pp....even if it is in an inside cabin.

Look at the bright side of the situation!!!

We were in a Catagory12 inside room on our Jan13th cruise and LOVED it. I like it being dark during the day in my room. Great for a afternnon nap!!! I also like the bed being on the wall facing you. as you walk in the room. couch table then bed set-up. I did not like the bed first then the couch and tableset-up in the cat 7 Navagator verandah as well, we kept tripping over the bed to get to the couch or verandah.


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