9/14: Day 8: Epcot & MK

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    Saturday, September 14, 2002

    We took our morning easy, waking at 9:30 and having breakfast at Tubbi's. We took the boat from the Swan to Epcot after breakfast arriving at about 11:00.

    We watched HISTA always fun, and spent a lot of time in Innoventions. Then we wandered over to Test Track. I wanted to do the singles line, but it was not working. It really wasn't necessary. I saw a hidden mickey in the queue that I had never noticed before.

    From here we wandered to WS and just browsed the countries. We watched American Vybe two times in a row, and then I got their cd. I really like them. We stopped to listen to Mo'rockin, but didn't really care for it, so wandered on. I wanted a snack and was going to chance it even though it had been awhile since I had eaten. Surprisingly, Stephen opted for a chocolate croissant instead of Kaki Gori, and I got an orange marmelade crepe. We sat and watched the mime/comedian in France. He is so funny. Then we watched two mime/comedians who do a chair routine. It was enjoyable.

    We wanted to finish our questionnaire, so we headed to MK via the monorail. We had only picked up one questionnaire, and wanted to keep one that was nice, so we picked up another one on our way in. We were getting hungry (it's about 3:00, so we headed to Cosmic Rays for lunch) After that we headed back to Main Street to answer the one question that had us stumped there. We talked to a number of cm's, but they were no help. Some didn't even know about the questionnaire, and others knew about it, but didn't know the answers. They were all very nice, though. We gave up and headed to Tinkerbell's Treasures to see if the helpful cm was there. She wasn't, but we saw a family who were all doing it. The mom and Son-In-Law were actually off duty cm's and were very helpful. However, the answer to the Main Street question they gave us was wrong. They did point us in the right direction for the Frontierland one we missed and told us another answer we got from someone else was incorrect, and told us where to find it. So, off to Frontierland. We found our answers, one in the train station queue, and we were all done except for that last one on Main Street. We decided to ride the train all the way around because we had never done that. It was a nice ride. When we arrived back in Fronteirland, we decided to ride around again to Main Street, however, it started to downpour and everyone had to get off the train. We waited in the station until it let up (10 minutes or so) and then we headed out. We walked to Main Street via the central hub, and tried in vain to answer the last question. We finally gave up, and headed to the Exhibition hall to redeem our prize. We were told by a cm that you only had to get a percentage right.

    We went back to the back where they take pictures of you in front of a blue screen and talked to the cm there. She checked our answers (we got two wrong and then the one we couldn't get at all, so that's not bad, 3 wrong out of 100). We had our picture taken, but it wasn't good. We had been walking in the rain for the past hour. But it was fun.

    We were tired, and it was about 7:00, so, although early, we decided to get a spot for Spectromagic right in the central hub. We snacked on jerky, crackers and coke and enjoyed people watching. There was a family that sat down beside us. The dad and kids wanted to ride Dumbo one more time, so the mom stayed with the stroller while they went to ride. A cm came up about 1/2 hour later and told her she'd have to move her stoller to a parking area by the castle. She was panicked. She knew if she got up, she'd lose her spot, then her family would not find her, and worse yet, they'd miss seeing Spectro so close. I offered to save her place with a poncho. She was so grateful. When she returned, I let her use the poncho to save the place the stroller was saving. Her family returned and they were grateful for my help. It felt good helping. The told us that the husband just got transferred from Texas to Orlando. They were staying on-site until Monday. then the moving van arrived. I was so envious. On a bad note, there were these rather loud ladies (3) and a child who decided to just sit in the street in front of the nice family beside us. There were no cm's patrolling the streets at all. Usually you see crowd control cm's wandering around, but not one came up. Finally, a concerned bystander pointed them out to the cm's manning a cross walk and they were asked to move. I felt kind of bad for them. They thought they were fine, and weren't asked to move until 5 minutes before the parade started. Who knows where they ended up, but they definately didn't have as good a seat as they thought they did. On the other hand, they were the only people sitting in the street, you would have thought they'd figured it out. All's well that ends well. It had been drizzling for some time, but when the parade started, it started raining harder. For a first timer, the parade would have been awesome, but for me it wasn't. A lot of the characters weren't on the floats and the walking characters (i.e. the ostriches, etc.) weren't there. I understand why, with the rain and all, but it was a little disappointing. It was fun listening to the people around us enjoying it and not knowing what they were missing.

    After the parade we walked a little ways down the walkway to Tomorrowland and stood under Tinkerbells wire. I didn't think she'd fly tonight, but it was worth a shot. We talked to a nice couple from Indiana who had been laughing at our converstation. I was trying to talk Stephen into coming back to MK in the a.m. instead of MGM so we could get another picture taken since we looked so bad in the rain soaked one. I was not winning. We had played a baseball pinball machine in the back of Casey's that he enjoyed so I told him he could come back and play that. The couple listening thought it was cute. We had a fun time telling them about our adventures. We watched the fireworks and then let the crowds thin. And, no, Tinkerbell did not fly. While standing there, we saw Brandie and Matthew walk by. This was the third time we saw them, and each time they were breezing by like the didn't know us. It was funny. They stopped and laughed about not seeing us and then told us all the special treatment they'd gotten that week due to their bride and groom hats. It was fun talking to them. We actually got shooed out by some cm's because we were talking so long. We walked out with them, they were headed to their car and us to the bus. The line for the bus to the Beach Club was so long, but not the one to the Swan and Dolphin so we hopped on. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, and I wanted Beaches and Cream while Stephen wanted another Spoodles pizza. We dediced to split up and meet back at the room. I had a very long wait at Beaches and Cream. It was packed. I was surprised with it being 10:00 at night. I got Stephen a vanilla malt and me a hot dog to go. Stephen beat me back to the room. I licked all his whipped cream off his malt by the time I made it back. It was dripping, okay?

    We got back to our room at about 10:45 wet and tired, but blissfully happy.

    Bummer, tomorrow we have to go home.
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    Hahaha I'm sure he didnt need that topping anyway. ;)
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    Feb 3, 2001
    The last full day is always hard!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Way to go on your questionaire!

    I didn't know they would do Spectro Magic in the rain with all the lights & such.

    Thanks for sharing!

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