8 days, 4 out of 5 of us sick and still had a great time!

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    We visited the World Dec 11-18th this year. Our trip consisted of DH-32, Myself-30, DD-8, DS-5 and DD- 1 1/2.

    Now I am not fancy with the trip reports and I am sure I am far from interesting so I will just lay out the facts of our experience.

    We stayed at the Art of Animation LM rooms. First impressions of the hotel was that it was pretty cool looking. The lobby was bright and filled with sketches and the cast members were extremely friendly. Our room was as expected because we usually stay at Pop. This will be the last time we stay in such a small room after what we went through. I did think our room was cute and the ground around the whole hotel were pretty awesome. The kids thought it was the best ever aside from the food. Pools were nice and the Nemo pool was huge. Water temp was perfect even for a swim at night.
    The food court here is just so so. The options are not for everyone and especially not for most kids. The food we did eat here was typical Disney Fare and nothing to write home about. In all, the food court was pretty empty. Some annoying things there besides the menu would be that there is only 2 cup washing stations and NO microwaves like we are used to.

    I can't compliment the staff more for how understanding and compassionate they are. on the second day of our trip our 1 year old got very ill. That was Thursday. She began vomiting and having diarrhea and we were forced to head to our room for the day. We had Hoop De Doo reservations in 3 hours that day and the reception desk spent a good amount of time getting them cancelled and refunding my dining credits. Then the woman who was helping me gave me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up as I was visibly sad I guess.
    2 Days later our 1 year old got really bad. She had uncontrollable vomit and diarrea every 5 minutes. The minute she went it came directly out of her diaper. That same night both myself, my DD8 and my DH were also very ill. Sharing 1 small bathroom between the 3 of us and 3 garbage cans, it was not fun. The reception called an ambulance for my DD1 first thing in the morning because there was no end. At this point she has not eaten a bite in 2 days and although she was drinking, she wasn't really keeping it down. The Manager of the hotel, security manager and the hotel Nurse? all were to our room in less than 5 minutes. They sat with us in our nasty room waiting for the ambulance which took only 10 mins. While gone they had maid service completely clean and disinfect our room. Was very nice to come back to that. On our last day we went to check out. My son had gotten a balloon the previous day and we couldn't take it on the plane so he wanted to give it to another kid. He handed it to a small girl checking in and it made her so happy. :) The manager saw this and gave him a cars stuffed animal in place of it and then gave my other 2 kids a stuffed animal. I was asked what our plans were for the rest of our day and I said HS because the sickness made us miss most of the parks and the kids really wanted to do TSM. She excused herself and came back over with a fast pass for our whole party to ride. I really can't say enough about the friendliness at this hotel as a whole.
    Will I return??? Prob. not as it is too small, the walk from LM is too long just to go get a drink and the Suites cost too much.

    Ok ENOUGH running on about that.

    This trip was marred with sickness but there were some things I took notice of. We go every year the past 6 years around this time. This year was by far the busiest ever for us and there was no science to what part was the right park for that day. Wait times were over 30 mins for most things and rides were breaking down left and right. Space Mountain broke down for a few hours and during the People mover we got to see what it looks like all lit up which was pretty cool. We got stuck on Splash Mountain various times through the ride and then right at the hill by the birds for 5 mins and again at the end for 10 mins. TSM stopped in mid ride for a few mins, Buzz ride we were stuck for at least 5 mins (best score I ever got) and then IASM we got stuck for a while and that was NOT fun. The new TT was also down for over 3 hours. This is the first time I experienced any ride breakdowns and figured this was just our bad luck trip.
    The new Fantasyland was just ok. I thought it annoying that you have to walk all the way around the Mine ride to get to either side. Wasn't wowed with the new LM ride at all. We ate at BOG for Dinner and did enjoy that. The food was pretty tasty, Grey stuff was yummy and we got to meet the Beast who spend 5 minutes dancing with my DD8 who was dressed as Belle. The area is themed really well, it just seemed like it could have included more.

    Places we managed to eat at in between sickness were CRT Dinner, CP Breakfast, 50's Prime time for Lunch, O'hana for Dinner, BOG for Dinner, Via Napoli for Dinner and then some quick service.

    Favorite Meals of the Trip:

    O'hana Dinner - this was much better than last year and we loved it then

    Earl of Sandwich- almost wanted to head to DTD every day just to have a sandwich.

    BOG- Steak was so good and the experience was cool.

    So that's it. I won't go in to any more boring details. We did enjoy ourselves but are not planning a trip back next year. This year was very trying and I think we need a Disney Break!

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