7day parkhopper plus pass?


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Jan 23, 2001
We were at WDW in Feb.for a convention. We bought 7 day park hopper plus passes. Some were used four days, others were used only three. Since these tickets have an expiration date of 5/10/01 my 16yr old son and I decided to use these during his Easter break. I have 2 of these tickets. Here is my question. How can I find out how many days are left on them? Since the fine print says "Nontransferable, must be used by the same person on any and all days", How will anyone know if these are the same tickets we had in Feb?
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First, all Hopper Plus passes never expire, unused days are good forever. This March we used a pass from last year that had 3 Plus options that my son didn't use last March. My daughter's boyfriend got into PI three nights on it. The only form of ID on the pass was my wife's name as all our passes last year were put on her credit card and were the same card as the room key. No questions were asked.
The only way I know of to learn what you have left is to go to Gueat Relations in any park and they can 'read' the card for you. Maybe the counter that sells passes outside the park can do the same.

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