7/1 Sea Experience (Wonder) Part 2

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    May 18, 2001
    Freeport Day was supposed to be our day at sea, at least that was how it was originally planned, so we decided to stay on board and give our skin a rest from the tropical sun. There is plenty to do all day long without ever going anywhere.

    Lucy and I headed over to family time in the Oceaneer’s Lab. The slide was dark and too scary for my girl, the computers were too hard to hear, and there weren’t any little activities set up, but we found two enormous tubs of Duplos and played away the designated time while listening to the sound track from “Peter Pan.” It was hard to leave when the daycare kids returned, but you can only use the lab when they aren’t there.

    We were off to Triton’s for lunch (the turkey melt was quite good) followed by the children’s character show, “Disney Magic.” It was full of audience participation. You had to boo and hiss at Captain Hook and tell Minnie which way to go. It was fun, but John and Jonny were expecting some magic tricks. Lucy and I thought the characters were magic!

    After the show, Lucy headed back to the room for a nap with Daddy, while Jonny and I headed to the Rainforest Room at the spa. This is a great treat for yourself for only $15 a day. We floated from sauna to scented shower to steam of various intensities. It was hard to leave, but we did want to see “Pearl Harbor.” We stayed in the Rainforest Room until the last minute and I had to sneak into the Buena Vista theater still in my bathing suit and cover up. I was glad it was darkened when we arrived. I kept sniffing my eucalyptus-scented skin throughout the film!

    The movie was good and it was an interesting sensation to feel the ship surge a bit on its way to Castaway Cay while fighter planes were barrel rolling on the screen.

    Dinner that night was at Triton’s. We had just had lunch there and we were going to eat there again the next day, so we opted for a combination of room service and Deck 9 offerings. I was surprised to find that Deck 9 food services shut down at 6 p.m. No Scoops, no pizza, just a leftover cheeseburger in a bun that fell apart! I made a mental note to get pizza the next day.

    Jonny was tired, but John, Lucy and I were off to the disco. The 70s party looked like such a kick, but alas, although our daughter might be tall for her age, she definitely couldn’t gain admission to this adults only event. So we were off to the family disco with Sasha the D.J. What fun! John rested his weary feet while Lucy and another two-year-old ran between dancers to the disco beat. Lucy kept trying to imitate the dance moves of older kids and she was very smitten with a three-year-old boy and held his hand from time-to-time! We closed the place down and went to bed with dreams of Castaway Cay. (Oh, there’s the remote. It was under the bed this whole time!)

    Castaway Cay! What do you mean it’s raining? We had plans. We had reservations. We had things to do. We went anyway and had to stay in the water because the air was too cold and the towels soggy. Snorkeling was shut down, the floats and bicycles useless, and our banana boat time passed us by. We went for an early lunch at Cookie’s to get under cover and kept thinking it was clearing up. The lunch was all right. I’ll not belabor the food, but the lunch entertainment was disheartening. We listed to crying little girls get their hair braided. We were baffled, but the sky was clearing and we wanted to have some fun. There was parasailing to do and sand castles to build, and everyone had to be out of the water by 3:30!!

    We did manage to squeeze in a banana boat ride. That was such a gas. A jet ski tows you out past the ship and then takes you on a rodeo ride over the ocean waves, laughing all the way! John, Lucy and I used a paddleboat while Jonny went parasailing. The paddleboat and kayak area is flat and shallow. It was relatively uninteresting, but that saved us from going over on our rental time.

    All in all, 3:30 came much too soon. Lucy and I stayed in the water until the last call to get out was made. It was sad to leave with so many fun activities not done.

    When we returned to the ship, the cast-off party was rocking our room so much, we headed up for pizza and discovered FREE champagne in souvenir glasses. The pizza was great! The sauce was just right, not too sweet and not too tangy, with lots of cheese! I was sorry I hadn’t had it before. John and I kept squirreling away souvenir glasses to bring home and Lucy enjoyed eating and wearing a Scoops sundae. The ship cast off and we were headed home!

    The final show offering was “Disney Dreams.” It was fantastic and well deserving of all the accolades it receives. Absolutely, no matter how much packing you might have to do, DO NOT MISS this show. Tinkerbell will dust you with the wonder of it all and send you on your way feeling the magic.

    Dinner that night was at Triton’s. The waitstaff show was a rousing march with international flags to “It’s a Small World.” Lucy slept through much of the meal in my arms, which was fine because I had had plenty of pizza to tide me over.

    In lieu of fireworks to celebrate July 4th, there was a musical salute and balloon drop in the lobby outside Triton’s. Everyone was supposed to pop their balloon and, indeed, it sounded like fireworks going off. Lucy protected her blue balloon and we rushed back to the room to get packed by 11 p.m. Our holiday was over and I was feeling really melancholy. We had waited 18 months for this trip, and in a wink and a blink it was gone.

    Debarkation was just as simple as embarkation although John had to get up at 6 a.m. to retrieve his green card from customs. He was back in bed by 6:15! Our son did leave a carry-on case at the port. Not to worry though, the Disney folks found it (the magic never ends!)! We had planned to rent a car at the airport and head over to Sea World, but stayed at the airport instead. Wow! What a nice selection of shops, including a Disney Store for those last-minute memories. We even found a sampler box of Mickey Mouse fragrances for Daddy to buy his little girl at a perfume shop! (Her first perfume!) The time flew by and then it was our turn to fly.

    I’m still recovering from my blues, and am so looking forward to our next Disney trip. I don’t think we’ll cruise again. It was a nice experience, but a bit like a smorgasbord — a little of everything, but not enough of anything. There were so many activities, but I wanted more Disney. So, I think next time we’ll just stay at the parks. The Poly is calling my name!

    I want to thank everyone who ever contributed to these boards. You helped us build beautiful memories with your tips. I would never have known about the Comfort Suites trick, or the collapsible cooler and Ziploc baggies, or the Boninewithout you.

    I wish everyone yet to sail a WONDERful, MAGICal time.

    Bon voyage,

    p.s. NO SEA LICE :)
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    Jan 27, 2001
    I enjoyed reading your report, thanks for posting.

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