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Earning My Ears
Mar 14, 2001
No one talks about the home aways for larger families with 3 adults or more. Why not??
We just got quoted $2933 for 5 nite at Disney Institue Villas w/ passes,transfers,tax $ shuttles.Oct.4-9th.
Also, got quoted on connectieng rooms at Dixie-Port Orleons for the same time for $3229.
Need to do some figuring, but that now get's us back in the park.(where MOM wants to be....hey, at least she let go of the monorail thing!!)
Where would you stay between these two??
Well, having personally stayed at both of these fine resorts, my query to you would be: how much time do you intend to spend back at your resort? Your answer would help determine which resort you should stay in...the villas have more space, certainly, and do offer a more "home"-like atmosphere what with the kitchenette and living space...but if you are basically going to sleep and shower, the dl-po is certainly adequate, beautifully landscaped, offers great water play areas and seems a little less expensive. Feel free to send more questions my way... :)
We are locked into the October 4th date with frequent flier tickets. And believe me, they were granted with much BS, and am not about to go thru that again. Any personal check in's out there??
Go for the villa--we stayed at the Treehouse and loved it. It was so nice to come back from the parks to a "home" atmosphere and just lounge around. We actually had two treehouse (large group) and ages 5 months, 2,7,8,9,14 and adults. The kids could have cared less that the pools were just pools (not themed) we swam almost every night--plus lounged in the the hot tub right by the pool--and wasn't that lovely after a day in the park? Another plus was that it was very peaceful and relaxing there--couldn't hear the neighbors, and no one racing by outside your room at weird hours of the night!

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Are those unlimited magic tix? If they are -- and you're on a budget -- you might want to seriously look at getting hoppers instead. With the unlimited magic pass, you are paying for arrival day, departure day, disney quest and three water parks. You are not going for a long visit -- are you sure you will use those extras? You will pay for them whether you use them or not.
I agree with the previous poster. There is no way you could use all the extra stuff they have added into your cost in just five days. Also if I am correct you are going Columbus day weekend. I just heard from other posters it will be crowded so maybe being inside the park would help if you want to use the early entry features or Enights. Not sure if the Villas do that or not? Do you have any discounts that can be applied to park hoppers? Disney Club? AAA? Military? Depending on your arrival times you may only need a four day park hopper. Also if you are set on getting length of stay (i know the old name for them) you might want to ask if they drop the first or last day if you won't be using them. This will reduce your price of passes.

I know it is real easy to have a package deal, but they really charge you for stuff you won't use. Also one real big bonus to Port Orleans Riverside is that they have that Downtown Disney boatride which is really nice and relaxing. I can't remember if you didn't want to go with a 5 person room at DXL. Not sure if you have young kids that can sleep on a trundle bed.

Just some thoughts.

Have a great time. If you decide not to do package with transportation to airport. Think about using Tiffany Towncar. Best Tip we received on this board. No wait, no worry a driver and a nice car to meet you at your luggage. It was wonderful for 80 round trip up to five people in a car.
Thanks for responding. I have wised up to the package deal, and to this whole planning system thanks to these boards. You were right on about the package deals. We do not need all the other stuff at this time. We're going for the 4 day hopper pass. Thanks for the tip on transfer car, will use it. :)


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