5 for June Challenge - Final List Updated 7/5


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Feb 24, 2005
These 5 a month challenges have been really helpful for me as I absolutely don't want to post that I didn't make my goal before everyone on the WISH board. :teeth: May has been a little challenging for me and I'm thinking I'm probably not going to make my goal for the Summer Challenge but June is a fresh new month so I am ready to try again with a clean palette.

This will work the same way as it has in all the other monthly challenges. Everyone starts the Challenge at 0/5
For every pound you lose you change the 1st number/5
Please post your vents, brags, congrats, challenges, etc!
Totals will be updated weekly on Mondays
A 2 pound loss will be tracked in Blue
A 5 pound GOAL loss will be tracked in Red
A 6-9 pound loss will be tracked in Purple
10 or more pounds will be tracked in Green!
Completed Challengers are marked in BOLD.


Thanks for the awesome clippie, Sunny!!! It is perfect!




A Little Pixie Dust - 0/5
boolou - 0/5
calena - 9/5
carrieberry - 3/5
catherine - 15/5
cbbi - 3/5
clr1194 - 0/5
crafter1003 - 0/5
DisneyGlobeGirl - 2/5
donac - 0/5
ElenitaB - 0/5
gemjoy - 0/5
goldcupmom - 7/5
honeymo78 - 1.5/5
Jane E. - 4/5
Jodi3530 - 2/5
joelyfaithsmommy - 8/5
Joshmom5 - 4/5
keenercam - 0/5
Lacerta - 3/5
Lesli54 - 8/5
lyeag - 1/5
MelanieC - 2/5
MickeySP - 0/5
minnieandmickey - 0/5
mking624 - 1/5
My2princessesmom - 5.2/5
pjstevens - 0/5
pjynx - 5/5
plutosmyfav - 7/5 (Thanks for the clippie!!)
pumba - 0/5
rcyannacci - 3/5
R Judy - 11/5
QuiltTeddy - -0.2/5
stacy347 - 0/5
septbride2002 - 5/5
Tera - 4.6/5
TigerCheer2009 - 5/5
TPCShauna - 0.6/5
Twinkles6892 - 4/5
videoman - 0/5
wdw4life - 7.6/5
welovedis - 0/5
westjones - 6/5
wickey's friend - 4/5
zeke11 - 1/5


Good luck all! Happy losing!!


<font color=blue>Glad to see that you had a chance
Feb 19, 2005
Sign me up for 5! Hopefully with all that WDW walking it will be more. ::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo


<font color=deeppink>Has high hopes, high apple pi
Sep 19, 2002
Here's a clippie you can use if you'd like :)




Earning My Ears
Apr 1, 2005
sign me up please!! I didn't do very well for may I gained back what I lost :confused3 due to vacation and not eating the right way!!! But I am back on track!!
Michelle :banana:


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Feb 24, 2005
Welcome Everyone!! I've updated the list in the first post.

Happy losing! :flower:


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Jan 29, 2004
Count me in. My June will go from 5/27 - 6/25 when I leave for almost 3 wks!



Wife, mother, math teacher, quilter
Aug 22, 2002
I'm in for 5. I hope it's more but I will take 5.

:wave2: :wave2:


Had our DFTW Vow Renewal on the Wonder
Feb 22, 2005
I need to get back on track on my weight loss and I've seen the 'wish' clipart but just found this board. I would like to be added if possible to the June challenge. What do I have to do? I need to get motivated, my trip is coming up and my son is getting married in less than a year... I need to get lots of weight off. :confused3


<font color=red>BL II - Red Team<br> <font color=g
Jan 17, 2005
I will join. I hope to do better this month. In May I did 4/5 and just concentrated more on my exercise. This month I will work on execise and diet! ;)


DIS Veteran
Dec 13, 2004
My very first challange/slash goal. It might be hard the last week of June though LOL 4 birhtdays in one week! dd 6/20, ds 6/21, dh 6/25, and mine one 6/26!!! Our anniversary is 6/28!!!!

Anyway, what better present can I give/get than taking better care of me?

Count me in...


<font color="purple">A Feminist Princess...tiaras
Jul 1, 2000
Please sign me up for June! I took a month off from the 5 lb challenge because I was discouraged with my slow progress in March and April. But, I've increased my exercise schedule and am working on cutting down my portion sizes, and I'm ready to take the challenge!



Cries at Illuminations (and Wishes and DCL Plannin
Jan 16, 2005
I'm in! Yippeeee... my first DIS WISH Challenge! :flower:


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