5/16 move in - Summer Alumni 2011 - 21+ F

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Hey! Just got in for Summer Alum! Any one looking for Non Wellness 21 female roomies?? I will be having my BF over since he is in the program too, so I am also totally okay with guys being over. As log as everyone is from the complex after hours of course. We met on our first program together :) I have energy and love to go to the parks or have girls nights and watch movies! I respect quiet time and sleep time. I am easy to get along with and easy to accommodate. I would like another fun easy going Roomie. I like to keep clean in common areas but under my bed is my own space :) I'm here to show I am ready for a PI and a career in the future but still hope to have some fun. I got QSFB .
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