$49 All Star rate + $10 for 3rd person in room


Earning My Ears
Mar 22, 2000
I booked 2 rooms at the ASM, $49 rate, for 9/8 & 9 and was told that $10/night is added for the 3rd adult in one room. I asked her to try various rates (fall rate, Florida rate or a code I gave her) and every time she tried she said it still came up with the additional $10. Others here have said it is a room rate, not a per person rate. Anyone else get charged extra? Is it worth trying again?
All of the room rates are for 2 adults, 18+. The charge for an extra adut depends on the resort. I have seen others post who were charged $10 for the 3rd adult at the all stars. I think I was quoted $25 at YC.

Still a great deal!!
Just about all the resorts charge extra for having more than 2 adults in the room. At the value resorts it is $10 per night, at the moderates $15 per night and at the others it is $25 per night. It doesn't matter what rate you get, if you have more than 2 adults, you will be charge for the extra person.


Tammy aka Kaa
Budget Board Co-Moderator

Thanks for the info. Yes, it is still a good rate! I've always opted for the Disney area through Priceline. It will be nice to experience staying on Disney grounds.

Last year I stood @ the All Star Movies and was not aware I had to pay $10.00 extra per day for the third adult. So, thinking that if I didn't the third adult would not be able to use the pool, I paid it. Never was the third person asked for resort ID etc. But, I much rather have been honest and not have an embarrassing moment!
Also, be aware that when the third person receives their resort ID/card they will be able to charge unless you let them know not to allow this person to have charging privileges.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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