4 Birthdays and a Graduation... our June trip report


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Aug 10, 2013
Afternoon Adventures

We still had time after lunch before our last fast pass so we took advantage of a 15 minute wait on Little Mermaid. I have to say that Prince Eric's is probably my favorite castle. I love the architecture and all the little details.
IMG_3038 - Copy.JPG
One thing I definitely enjoyed on this trip was not having to figure out who was sitting with who on rides.
IMG_3042 - Copy.JPG
Our window opened up so we headed to 7 Dwarves Mine Train next.
IMG_3050 - Copy.JPG
This is where GF1 worked during her college program and she was able to see a few of her friends who still work there. We chatted with them as we made our way through the line. At this point the regular line was about an hour and a half so it still took us about 15 minutes even with a fast pass. Then it was off on a rollicking wild ride! We had the carts swinging, singing along, and hands up- it was a blast!

While we were waiting in line, GF1 had pulled up MDE to see about getting us more fast passes. She was able to secure ones for Buzz in less than an hour. I hadn't even planned on going to Tomorrowland on our first Magic Kingdom day because I didn't think we would have been able to do all we'd done so far. Darn her efficiency! This became a running joke the rest of the trip because we were able to do so much despite it being crowded and summer, and we didn't do any rope drops.
Heading into Tomorrowland we saw an ad up for the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo.
IMG_3053 - Copy.JPG
Before our fast pass we had time to take a trip back in time on one of our favorites. We all seriously love the nostalgia and I don't care if others think it's boring. It's a classic to me.

IMG_3054 - Copy.JPG



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Jun 25, 2003
Enjoyed the update. I too LOVE Carousel of Progress!
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Tomorrowland Time

    I was glad we got a fast pass for Buzz because the line was stretched outside the building- in the heat of the day- around to where the greeting area for Buzz is. We got to go right into the building and waited less than 10 minutes before jumping into our vehicles. I really enjoy this ride, but I stink at it! It doesn't help that whoever I ride with is always the driver, so they turn where they want to go and I can never seem to get a good angle to shoot. I reminded DH where the camera was so we could get a silly ride photo, but he didn't do anything but concentrate on winning!
    DS1 and GF1 had the same idea.
    I guess DS2 and GF2 were way to into beating each other to care.
    After defeating Zurg we took a lap around Tomorrowland on the Peoplemover. Always great for people watching too. As you can see, after Splash Mountain my hair just wasn't cooperating so I clipped it up.
    IMG_3058 - Copy.JPG
    The kids wanted to get a drink to cool off so they stopped at Joffrey's. I think DS1 and GF1 got iced lattes and DS2 and GF2 split a frozen cappuccino.
    IMG_3062 - Copy.JPG
    While we were sitting down taking a break we noticed these two, presumably from Incredibles 2. They were roaming around talking to guests, mainly kids. We also got to watch the Incredibles dance party where guests seemed to be enjoying dancing to the music and watching and even getting to dance with characters who came on stage and then out into the audience.
    IMG_3063 - Copy.JPG
    We also noticed a cool photo pass spot that there were only 2 people waiting for, so we went over and got some pics.



    Before heading out of Tomorrowland we stopped to do a little shopping/looking in the Merchant of Venus. Thankfully they didn't bring these two home with them.
    IMG_3064 - Copy.JPG
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Liberty Square

    GF1 had managed to get us another fast pass, so we meandered over to Liberty Square. I normally don't mind waiting in line for Haunted Mansion, especially with the fun stuff in the queue, but it was pretty warm and the line is outside, so it was nice to be able to get through quickly.
    IMG_3069 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_3071 - Copy.JPG

    We also had to stop for pictures in the stocks.
    IMG_3073 - Copy.JPG

    We don't normally make it a must do for Hall of Presidents, but we hadn't seen it since they installed Donald Trump, so we were curious, plus GF2 hasn't seen it. A couple of us had to use the restroom, and while waiting I noticed this on top of Liberty Hall. Anyone else ever notice this? It looks like it's probably a camera. Just wondering...
    IMG_3074 - Copy.JPG
    We only had to wait about 10 minutes for the next show to start and inside the theater was nice and cool. I'm still fascinated with how life-like the AA's look and move. My mission was to get a good detailed pic of it's newest addition. GF2 said some people told her it looked like they'd originally made it to look like Hillary then had to change it after Trump won. I don't know about that, but it certainly isn't flattering!
    IMG_3082 - Copy.JPG
    No matter your political affiliation, it's still a neat presentation.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    One more ride before dinner

    Like I said before, we hadn't planned to do Tomorrowland until Friday, but GF1 got another fast pass while we were waiting for the Hall of President's show, and we figured we better do it before we ate, so our next stop was Space Mountain.
    IMG_3083 - Copy.JPG
    GF1 reminded us where the picture was taken so we all planned our poses.


    Yes, we are complete dorks, but at least we were coordinated this time. It had started raining when we were heading over to the ride, but when we came out it was absolutely pouring. People were actually waiting in the gift shop rather than going outside. We all figured we'd try to ride again and ran back over to the entrance. There was hardly anyone in line so we only waited about another 15 minutes for ride #2. This time we were just being goofy.


    By the time we got off, what was to become the everyday afternoon/evening rain had slowed to a drizzle and we had all built up an appetite. Dinner was an easy decision as everyone had requested eating here.
    IMG_3085 - Copy.JPG

    We used to eat here every trip when they served burgers and stuff and loved the fixin's bar, especially the melted cheese. Then when they switched to Tex Mex, the bar was still great with the addition of guacamole. I knew they had taken guacamole off the bar prior to out trip, primarily because of guests like GF1 and myself, who can eat our weight in guacamole. The food is still good though and there are lots of options.
    IMG_3088 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 and GF2 split beef nachos and so did DH and I.
    IMG_3089 - Copy.JPG
    GF1 got a kid's nachos (which also included carrots, applesauce, and a bottle water). DS1 got the fajita platter. Everyone got to pick their toppings and we could still purchase sides of guacamole. Since we'd been drinking water all day we also got sodas to drink. Everything was hot and fresh as usual. We were able to find two tables together near the back which was a bit quieter. They sometimes have the upstairs open for additional seating at busier times but didn't then. Since it wasn't super busy, with people waiting to get tables, we took our time and had a nice relaxing dinner.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Great end to the evening

    The last must do for the day was watching the new fireworks show Happily Ever After. Seeing the nighttime shows aren't a must for us when we've seen them before, but we do like to catch them every few trips or when we feel like it. Only GF1 has seen this show, and she insisted we get a good spot in front of the castle to view it because of the projections on the castle being such a big part of the show. We took a nice stroll over as it started to get dark.
    IMG_3090 - Copy.JPG
    There were already plenty of people staked out in spots to sit but we were fine standing along the edge of the walkways around the hub. Thankfully we didn't encounter any rude or pushy guests- you know, the ones who show up at the last minute and expect to block other people's views.
    IMG_3092 - Copy.JPG
    GF1 asked if she could try to take pics with my camera so we could all enjoy watching for the first time. Even on fireworks mode it didn't really take any good ones. But seriously, I didn't care because I have those images engrained in my mind. The whole thing was spectacular and something you really need to see in person! The projections, fireworks, and music together make it so amazing! I loved it and so did everyone else.

    IMG_3133 - Copy.JPG
    After the 9:15 show, we wandered back to Fantasyland for the last fast pass of the day with everyone's favorite bear.
    IMG_3153 - Copy.JPG
    I didn't think about it, but it's funny that we started and ended our first day with Pooh and friends.
    IMG_3155 - Copy.JPG
    By the time we exited the Hundred Acre Wood it was just about 10:00 closing time, so we took our time going back down Main St. passing through the shops to look. When we got to the bus stop for POR there was quite a long line. The first bus filled up and then we waited about another 15 minutes, but 2 buses showed up at once. Once back at the resort we grabbed our mugs and stopped by the food court for drinks. After getting cleaned up for the night we were all asleep by midnight.
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    Dec 13, 2010
    I was wondering if you would mind sharing what your dates were in June? we are going the first week of June next year, and are trying to gage crowds. TIA!


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    Aug 10, 2013
    I was wondering if you would mind sharing what your dates were in June? we are going the first week of June next year, and are trying to gage crowds. TIA!
    We arrived Saturday June 9 and left Saturday June 16. Crowds were way les than we expected- it was no nice! We had higher crowds last year in April.


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    Aug 10, 2013
    Hollywood Studios Day

    Everyone woke up pretty easily this morning, got ready, and we headed to Riverside Mills with our refillable mugs for breakfast. It was about 8:30 but it wasn't too busy and we were all able to grab what we wanted and find a table by the windows to look out at the water wheel- even though it wasn't turning. I was really glad I decided to have our magic bands linked to the rooms for charging. Then we didn't all have to be together or fumble with cash or cards at checkout.
    IMG_3157 - Copy.JPG
    DS1 and GF1 split the bounty platter.
    IMG_3158 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 and GF2 weren't too hungry so they got muffins and a cinnamon roll. DH and I got Mickey waffles which also come with bacon or sausage. (or one of each if you ask nicely like DH did)
    IMG_3159 - Copy.JPG
    Of course he had to get creative with his. This is what I get for insisting I have pictures of all the food!
    With the mugs everyone got to drink what they wanted. I personally mix coffee with a little hot chocolate. I like that they've added mug wash stations for those that are heading straight to the parks that want to take them.
    After breakfast we went back to the rooms to drop off mugs and brush teeth. Then we went to wait at the bus stop. It was only about 10 minutes before we were on our way to DHS.

    IMG_3160 - Copy.JPG
    Upon arrival we stopped for a quick pic.
    IMG_3161 - Copy.JPG
    We had a little time to wait before our first fp and normally I would have bee-lined for The Great Movie Ride... so instead we strolled though the shops on the way down to Sunset Blvd. This gave us time for our stomachs to settle from breakfast and then it was time to take a ride with Aerosmith! Our fp was for 10:30 and DS2 and GF1 had decided not to ride. They've both ridden before but really don't like it. Last year on the band trip DS2 even went on it so that his friend would- and his friend screamed the whole time- it was hilarious. There was a photographer outside RnR so we got a couple shots snapped.

    file(12).jpg file(41).jpg
    Good thing we had a fp because that line was already really long and stretching out from under the covered area outside. After a fun ride we met the other two in the gift shop. We still had a bit of time before the next fp so we looked through some more shops. Then back to probably my favorite ride in the park ToT!
    IMG_3162 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 doesn't like this one either and neither does DH so they decided to sit it out. The other four of us jumped in line for our 11:40 fp and were on our way for an exhilarating spooky time.
    IMG_3164 - Copy.JPG
    I seriously love this ride and could do it over and over. I've ridden it alone before because I enjoy it so much. DS1 and I acted like we were asleep but the girls didn't play along.
    After we got off we met the guys in the gift shop and headed out.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Lunch time

    We had a 12:45 adr for lunch so we meandered across the park stopping in a few shops along the way. Both DS's and I were on the look out for new lanyards. DH already has two- one for keeper pins and one for traders- so we wanted to do the same. My original one is Tinkerbell and I found the perfect second one to compliment it- a Disney Villains one with males on one side and females on the other. It's perfect for my Maleficent ones. DS1 found a Black Spire Outpost one and got it. DS 2 ended up finding a Simba/Nala one (it's two sided so you can wear it either way) another day.
    We somehow end up doing a meal here just about every trip. We all enjoy it and DS2 thought GF2 definitely needed to experience it.

    IMG_3169 - Copy.JPG
    We were seated promptly in our car and decided on meals and got our orders in. We had a good CM who was very on top of drinks and making sure we had everything we needed. I would say we've never had spectacular service here, but consistently good and the food is always tasty. Plus you can't beat the fun atmosphere!
    IMG_3170 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3171 - Copy.JPG

    The kids got shakes but DH and I just went with cherry cokes- fountain style. DH, DS2, and GF2 got the chicken tenders with fries. You can choose different flavors but they all got chipotle bbq.
    IMG_3174 - Copy.JPG
    I got the buffalo chicken salad. It was just enough to fill me up without being too heavy. I really enjoyed the cilantro ranch dressing.
    IMG_3175 - Copy.JPG
    I didn't get a pic of what DS1 or GF1 ordered but I think one got the chicken tenders and one got a burger.
    After lunch we had a while before the next fp so we looked around a few more shops nearby. The kids are all musicians so I had to get a pic of them at the music shop- DS 2 with the saxophone, GF2 with the clarinet, and DS1 with the trumpet.

    IMG_3176 - Copy.JPG
    Then we found the piano for GF1 in the next window.
    IMG_3177 - Copy.JPG
    One thing we can always count on is being able to catch a show of Muppet Vision 3D with little to no wait. For DH and I it's nostalgic because we grew up watching the Muppet Show and movies.
    IMG_3178 - Copy.JPG
    We did have to wait about 15 minutes for the next show, but at least it's cool inside. GF2 hadn't seen the show and she enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us.
    IMG_3181 - Copy.JPG
    Our last planned fp for the day was for Indiana Jones at 2:45. This is one of DH's must do's, and GF2 was excited to see it because we had tried to see it during the band trip but couldn't fir tit into the day.IMG_3183 - Copy.JPG
    They did the normal first scene, but then when it came to the Cairo scene they didn't have any of the buildings in the back and didn't do any of that part of the chase. They also skipped doing the part with the plane and the ending. The "directors" did come out and say that for those that have seen it before you notice we left some parts out. They said it was due to them having to upgrade some things for safety. We were kind of annoyed but understood. GF2 was happy she at least got to see part of it.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Star Wars encounters

    All of us are Star Wars fans but don't really enjoy the Star Tours ride. We did want to check out Launch Bay though. We made a quick stop to use the restrooms before going in. We had regrouped at the entrance and were just waiting on DH to refill water bottles. A CM came up to us and noticing DS2's shirt, which is a "most likely to..." Star Wars shirt, he started pointing to each character and doing a spot on impersonation of each of them, It was so cool and funny and we had to applaud him afterwards. We started chatting with him and when DH rejoined us we had him do it again. We chatted a bit more and learned he does voiceover and animation voices too and his wife also works for Disney. The asked us if we would like to do the character meets. We said we were probably going to and he said he'd arrange for us to get in right away! He took us inside and we got right to the front of the line to meet Chewbacca first- we felt like VIP's!

    It was so cute- DH and Chewie got into a whole conversation about facial hair!
    Next we were ushered over to the Dark side. DS2, GF2, and I kept giggling about our meet last year with their group of friends on the band trip. Kylo Ren had them all line up and he walked down the line, then stopped at DS2 and told him "Control yourself." We did a good job of following orders this time, except for DH who kept making faces when Kylo wasn't looking.
    He did ask which one of us was going to join him on the Dark Side and we threw DS2 under the bus!


    We thanked our new CM friend for the awesome experience and then went to go meet BB8. Only GF1 had seen this before and we were all impressed by how interactive it is. Very well done- I just wish I could take BB8 home with me!
    We looked around the rest of Launch Bay, DH pretended to get a drink at the bar,
    IMG_3185 - Copy.JPG
    and then we were on our way. I can not wait till they open the new land next year!!!

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Finishing our time at Hollywood Studios

    GF2, DH, both DS's, and I have never seen the Beauty and the Beast Show and GF1 told us it was really good. We all like the animated and live action movie so we decided to cool off and watch the show. We saw the coolest stroller on the way into the outdoor auditorium. If I have a granddaughter, I'm getting her this when we go to Disney!
    IMG_3186 - Copy.JPG
    It was only about 10 minutes before the show but we were able to get seats all together.
    IMG_3187 - Copy.JPG
    I really did enjoy this how- just the right amount of action and singing.
    IMG_3215 - Copy.JPG
    The costuming and choreography was really great too.
    IMG_3242 - Copy.JPG
    We all agreed we'd done everything we wanted at DHS so we on the fly decided to hop over to Epcot. Before we headed out we stopped at guest relations. We wanted to make sure our awesome Star Wars CM got recognized for making our day extra special. It was kind of crowded in there so just GF1 went in to fill something out. The rest of us waited outside and then it started raining. We were able to find some cover though and it ended up just being the typical afternoon shower that we ran into every day. When GF1 emerged she was all smiles. As a thank you for the recognition they gave her a free fp for all of us! They asked where we were spending the rest of the day and she said Epcot, so they gave her one for Test Track!
    IMG_3243 - Copy.JPG
    It actually didn't have a date on it, just filled out with her name, party of 6, and Test Track. I couldn't believe that we were getting so much pixie dust!
    As we made our way out to DHS we caught a glimpse of the new Skyway system. I am looking forward to this system being implemented. Even though I'm afraid of heights and used to be scared of the gondolas at MK back in the day, I think these will be cool.

    IMG_3244 - Copy.JPG IMG_3245 - Copy.JPG
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Evening at Epcot

    We rode the bus from DHS to Epcot because it was still raining a bit but by the time we got there it had stopped.
    IMG_3246 - Copy.JPG
    GF1 had managed to get us fp's for Spaceship Earth but we had to wait about an hour. We thought about riding Test Track but the standby line was at 2 hours so we knew there would still be a long wait for fp. We popped into Art of Disney- which is one of my favorite shops- and marveled at all of the amazing creations. DH found the Maleficent purse ornament and got it for me (I already have the shoe). In the center area around the fountain in Future World we saw a guy with pins sitting out. We went up to check them out and had a nice chat with him. He is an avid collector and had some really cool pins. He looked at ours and pointed out some that he recommended we never trade and gave us some tips. We mostly collect for ones we like, not for value, but it was still nice to know.
    Next up we had to get our drink on at Club Cool. We all played it cool when telling GF2 that the best one was Beverly.

    IMG_3248 - Copy.JPG
    Once she tried it she knew we were joking, and at least she didn't spit it out! A CM saw GF1 was wearing the birthday button and told her to make sure she got a free frozen Coke. It was a good size for being free and she split it with DS1.
    Doing a little more shopping I found this shirt that I would have got for DS1 if they had it in his size!

    IMG_3251 - Copy.JPG
    Our fp time came up so it was on to Spaceship Earth for us.
    IMG_3252 - Copy.JPG
    For some reason the postcards didn't sync correctly for us to get them but it was still a fun ride. The smell is just nostalgic for me.

    IMG_3254 - Copy.JPG
    By the time we got off we were getting hungry for dinner so we made our way into World Showcase. DS1, GF1, DH, and I decided on Mexican from La Cantina de San Angel and DS2 and GF2 wanted Chinese from Lotus Blossom Cafe. They went to get their food while we got ours and found two tables outside by the water. It was starting to cool off a little so it was nice to eat outside.
    IMG_3256 - Copy.JPG
    DS1 got nachos and GF1 got empanadas. DH got the Barbacoa tacos (beef) and I got the trio tacos- beef, chicken, and fish. We also got an order of guacamole and chips. Everything was fresh and hit the spot. I loved the option of getting to try all three tacos. They each had their own special flavor and accompaniments.
    IMG_3258 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 got the orange chicken and GF2 got the kid's sweet and sour chicken. They also split an order of eggrolls.
    IMG_3259 - Copy.JPG
    We took our time eating and by the time we were done it was about time for Illuminations to start. The covered area was getting crowded and we couldn't see from our seats anyway so we moved out and got to line up right along the railing on the edge of the lake. We haven't watched the show on the last few trips, and now I'm glad we did. I forgot how cool it is and it brought back memories of the boys when they were younger and the spot we'd always sit in back by Canada.
    IMG_3260 - Copy.JPG
    Following the show we called it a night and headed to the bus stop.
    IMG_3262 - Copy.JPG
    We only had about a 10 minute wait before a bus arrived. Once back at POR we got our mugs and drinks, wound down, and went to bed.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Breakfast at Boma

    Since the kids have gotten older I have been scheduling a kind of down day into each trip so we can explore other resorts, do activities outside the parks, and do a little shopping. This day we had a 9:30 adr for Boma, which is a favorite of everyone. It was nice to sleep in a bit and let everyone take their time getting ready. We then jumped into the cars and headed over to one of my favorite resorts.

    IMG_3266 - Copy.JPG
    Walking into the resort GF2, who had never been, was fascinated. We told her we'd take time to look around after breakfast and headed downstairs. We were seated promptly, our CM took our drink orders- a few coffees and juice for everyone. The juice is absolutely delicious. I've tried making a combo at home but just can't quite replicate it. Then we headed up to the buffet.
    There really is something for everyone here, from basic breakfast fare to more traditional African dishes. DH loves the meat carving station too. Here's some samples of what we all got on our first round. After that I was way too into my food to take any more pics.

    IMG_3267 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3268 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3269 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3270 - Copy.JPG

    I love the décor and atmosphere here too. It can be a bit noisy but no more than normal resort breakfast spots. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves we decided to take a look around the resort a bit. The four of us stayed here in 2013 to celebrate DS1's senior year, which was the last time up until now we'd been on a trip with the four of us together.
    IMG_3271 - Copy.JPG
    I love this spot and could spend hours just watching the animals from here.
    Popping out into one of the viewing areas from the hallway we found this new friend. There are so many places to check out animals you don't need to be staying in a savannah view room to get to experience the animal perk.

    IMG_3272 - Copy.JPG
    Out in the main area we had to say hi to DS2's favorites- the flamingos. We have a running family joke about him and flamingos. When he was learning to talk he called them "fa-ma-lingos." We tried to get him to sound it out: say "fla"- he'd say "fla"- now say "mingo"- he'd say "ma-lingo", so then it sounded like "fla-ma-lingo". Thankfully he eventually learned the right way!
    IMG_3274 - Copy.JPG
    There are lots of great viewing areas for other animals too that visiting guests can enjoy. There's also usually a CM working outside that can answer questions and will engage younger guests to teach them things or play games.
    IMG_3275 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3276 - Copy.JPG

    Before we left we had to stop in the gift shop. I personally think this is the best resort gift shop at WDW. Not only does it have Disney merchandise, but lots of interesting things that are resort specific and things from Africa. The old cinch sack I had brought to use (it was a cheap $3 I got from Target) had finally got a hole in the attachment part the day before and I had tried to re-tie and repair it but it just wasn't working. I spotted a really cool one I liked that had the compass logo design for all four parks on it so I decided to get it. It worked very well for the rest of the trip, was comfortable, and I plan to use it on all future Disney trips. I think one of the kids picked up a pin too. DH was looking for any additional animals to add to the four little figures he bought when we stayed here but didn't find any. We then jumped back in the cars and headed to our next destination.


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    Aug 10, 2013
    Walking In A Winter Summerland

    Our next destination was to play mini golf at one of Disney's two locations. We've done both before and have gone when it's included in a package, but paying out of pocket is pretty reasonable, especially considering all the fun features these courses have. We wanted to go early enough before it got too sweltering outside. Because we were a group of six we were split into two groups of three. There is the Summer course which is more beach themed and the Winter course which is snow themed. We opted for the snow since it was summer. They give you a tee time so that groups are spaced apart and not backing up. While waiting to be called I asked everyone to pose with the sleigh so I could get a picture. This is what they came up with.
    IMG_3279 - Copy.JPG
    I got the first hole in one of the day! On this particular hole you're supposed to hit the ball under the cooler and then it opens up. There are so may cute details like this all along the course.
    IMG_3285 - Copy.JPG
    I also love all the little signs at each hole describing what you're supposed to do. DH was next with a hole in one. where he had to hit the ball through the campfire.
    IMG_3287 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 and GF2 got a little competitive on the hockey hole.
    IMG_3288 - Copy.JPG
    GF2 was next to sink a hole in one.
    IMG_3292 - Copy.JPG
    GF1 and DS1 both got hole in ones on the snow castle hole where you had to hit the ball through the drawbridge.
    IMG_3296 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_3298 - Copy.JPG

    DS2 finally got his hole in one with Frosty!
    IMG_3302 - Copy.JPG
    You gotta be careful with Frosty though- he squirts! I almost got wet while finishing up this hole!
    IMG_3304 - Copy.JPG
    We were goofing around a lot during the whole game and I'm sure the ladies playing after us were rolling their eyes but we had a blast. I was laughing so hard I was practically crying at times. Once we finished up I asked one of the CM's to take a parting shot.
    IMG_3313 - Copy.JPG
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Afternoon and Evening of Down Day

    Once we got back to POR DGF1 was contacted by her CM friend so her and DS1 went to meet up with her for a while. The rest of us weren't hungry so we changed into swimsuits and headed for Old Man Isle. For being the middle of the day it really wasn't crowded and we were able to snag four lounge chairs together. We relaxed for a while and then cooled down in the pool. There were CM's playing games with music going but it was still a relaxing environment. Of course we also had to try out the slide a couple times. We laid out in the shade some more and then DS1 and GF1 came to join us. We all did some swimming and goofing around in the water then DH and I headed back to the room to clean up for dinner. The kids came back a while later and once we were all ready we caught a boat to Disney Springs.

    Dinner was at 7pm at Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'. We we requickly seated at a nice big comfortable booth. The atmosphere is relaxed and homey yet sophisticated. There is outdoor and indoor seating.
    IMG_3318 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_3319 - Copy.JPG

    We had excellent service and were well taken care of. This was one of the best meals of the whole trip. The food is not only delicious but very plentiful.
    IMG_3320 - Copy.JPG
    GF2 got the fried chicken sandwich which comes with homemade bbq chips and icebox dressing. She said she liked the little bit of spice the mayo had too.
    IMG_3321 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 and I both got the fried chicken and doughnuts- mine with fries and his with loaded mac & cheese.
    IMG_3322 - Copy.JPG
    DS1 and GF1 both ordered the famous fried chicken with loaded mac & cheese. Everyone said that was some of the best mac & cheese they've ever had.
    IMG_3323 - Copy.JPG
    DH chose the famous fried chicken but with the traditional mashed potatoes. Those all came with a biscuit too.
    IMG_3325 - Copy.JPG
    The chicken is seriously heavenly! We all wished we could fit more in our tummies! We took our time enjoying our meals and never felt rushed, refills of our water came frequently, and our waitress even took time to chat with us and was really sweet. I would highly recommend trying this place!

    When we headed back out to Disney Springs it was time to do some shopping and pin trading. We hit our old favorites like World of Disney and the Lego store and found some new places too. The kids were scoping our anywhere with a CM that had pins, and we were able to trade some good ones. We also traded with some families with kids and enjoyed talking to them as well. I was disappointed that World of Disney only had about 1/3 of what it usually does since they're doing a refurbishment and I didn't find a picture frame I was hoping to. I did discover a new Disney shop that's two story and has lots of different products I hadn't seen before. There's also a huge clothing store that I can't remember the name of- it has lots of basics at really great prices. DS1 picked up a pair of khaki shorts there for like $15. If you have lost luggage, forget to pack clothes, or anything like that I'd recommend checking this store out for quick easy, and inexpensive replacement clothes and accessories.
    IMG_3330 - Copy.JPG
    Once we'd had our fill of looking we were able to get back on a boat back to POR. We stopped in to fill our drinks, then back to the room to crash for the night.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    EPCOT Day

    We woke up at a decent time, got ready, and went to Riverside Mills for breakfast. I think this morning a couple of us got cinnamon buns- those things are huge- someone got a muffin, I'm pretty sure DS1 got a platter, and DH I think had biscuits and gravy. Then we headed to a bus for Epcot.
    It was another beautiful day! When we arrived we had to take a quick icon shot.

    IMG_3331 - Copy.JPG
    Our first fast pass was The Land. We hopped right on for our tour. I found a Hidden Minnie along the way.
    IMG_3336 - Copy.JPG
    DS2 found his favorite pepper- the Carolina Reaper(it was developed at Clemson University where GF1 attends college). DH and I tried a vodka made with this pepper and it is spicy!
    IMG_3337 - Copy.JPG
    I also found a hidden Mickey among the greenery.
    IMG_3339 - Copy.JPG
    When we came out the line for Soarin' was only at 30 minutes so we rode that next since we had time till our next fast pass. I love the new update and that it's all around the world. Our fast pass for Spaceship Earth was at 11:30 and we were able to get right on.
    IMG_3347 - Copy.JPG
    Since we were in Future World we decided now would be the perfect time to use our fast pass for Test Track that we'd received a few days before. The wait time was about an hour posted so it only took us about 10 minutes from entry to ride. I rode with DS1 and GF1 and this is what our car looked like.
    IMG_3355 - Copy.JPG
    We won two of the categories but DH, DS2, and GF2 won the other two. We had to check out the cars at the end as well.
    IMG_3357 - Copy.JPG
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    Aug 10, 2013
    World Showcase

    Our first stop in World Showcase was the Mexico pavilion.

    IMG_3358 - Copy.JPG
    We walked right on to visit the Three Caballeros and then looked around the market place. I liked the new addition dedicated to Dia de los Muertos based on Coco. They're adding something else to the back wall but it wasn't working yet.
    IMG_3361 - Copy.JPG
    It was right about time for our Frozen Ever After fast pass so we journeyed over to Norway. Only DS1 and GF1 have ridden this before. DH is still bitter that they got rid of Maelstrom, and we got him the shirt to prove it a few years ago. It has one of the kid's from the mural and says Maelstrom- Never Forget. Although I miss the original- it was a favorite of my family growing up too- I did enjoy the new Frozen ride, and especially Olaf. Of course, we had to plan a silly ride photo.
    We had to take a picture in the gift shop that's become a tradition since the boys were little. It started with them posing with the troll with Viking gear, and DS1 pretended to be picking the troll's nose with a sword. Every visit since they've had to have a picture taking picking the troll's nose. Unfortunatley I didn't pay attention that this one didn't come out clear, but you get the picture.
    IMG_3367 - Copy.JPG
    We found a great pin board in Norway that we got some trades in on. It's so cute- it's a shield.
    IMG_3377 - Copy.JPG At this point everyone was hungry for lunch. They all decided on grabbing something from the Cantina in Mexico again, but I'd seen a new kiosk outside Norway. They went to grab nachos and I waited in my line, then met them at the outdoor seating area in Mexico.IMG_3369 - Copy.JPG
    I thought I'd share the menu from here in case anyone else wants to check it out.

    IMG_3375 - Copy.JPG
    I had the club sandwich and it was scrumptious. It was perfect for the warm day and filled me up without being too heavy.
    IMG_3368 - Copy.JPG


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