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Oct 12, 1999
When we got back to HRH from our first day in Universal Studios, I crammed for our trip to SeaWorld the next day. I reread the SW section in Kelly Monaghan’s new book “The Other Orlando”. (This book made me want to extend my Florida visit so I could go to all of the “other” places - dangerous book!!) ;) I even took notes of all the must-see exhibits and restaurants we might like to try - I was prepared! :)

Olive Oyl gave us a wake-up call. DH was not impressed, but a 7AM wake-up call was 2 AM to his poor old Hawaiian body. Poor thing. :rolleyes:

There is a free shuttle from HRH to SW and Wet “N” Wild. It leaves HRH at 8:15 AM; 9:30 AM; 10:40 AM; and 12:00PM. It returns at 4:25 PM and 7:00PM and from WNW 4:40 PM and 6:45 PM. The shuttle bus stop is in the front, on the right of the main door. It only took about 15 minutes to get to SW.

I used my Club USA membership card and the SW tickets were $45.83 each. With the SW map in one hand and my list in the other, we entered SW. We only took look-sees at Turtle Point; Stingray Lagoon; and Dolphin Cove, since we regularly see them all at home. First on the list - Manatees, The Last Generation. We looked at them from
above and were in awe. We did not recognize any of the fish in the exhibit except for the tilapia and one of the guides very nicely identified the other fish and gave us some one-on-one info on the manatees and the fish. She was so friendly. :) Then on to the little movie and then the best part, the underwater viewing area. The manatees, though big are very graceful in the water. We spent alot of time just watching them. :)

Next , double back and go to the Penguin Encounter. They were not very active and the area smelled so we did not spend alot of time there. When we came out, we stopped to watch the children climbing the simulated cliff face
and bouncing on the trampoline at the Xtreme Zone. It seemed to me the little girls were braver than the boys. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

On to Pacific Point Preserve and the sea lions. We do not have sea lions in Hawaii and spent alot of time watching and listening (they sure are loud )to them beg for food. They acted like they were starving! Some were just laying around and trying to get a tan.

Finally, our last stop before going to meet Barry, the Terrors of the Deep. Most of this exhibit was through a clear acrylic tunnel through an artificial reef aquarium. It is kept dark in here, and DH says it is like that when you are diving and the water is murky. You don’t see the sharks until they are up close and personal. :eek: Most of the fish were familiar, but I usually see them out of water and not in their natural habitat. Eels; lionfish; puffer fish; barracuda and finally the sharks. DH kept saying it reminded him of when he goes diving. Made me all the more grateful I never took up diving. ;)

It was absolutely fascinating and we lost track of time. We had to literally run to go to our first “meet”. We actually ran past the Hospitality Center and had to double back. I recognized Barry immediately. His look told me that I was not what he expected. :rolleyes: I bet he thought I was a tiny hula maiden. NOT!
I think he was embarrassed when I kissed him and gave him the lei. It is second nature here and his reaction reminded me how far I was from home. :(

Since I have attached my other reports to Barry's, my next one will be on after Barry left. 'Til then, aloha.

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Thanks for the report! Too bad we did not have more time. I would have set you guys up at Clyde and Seamore to be picked on by the mime! :)


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I'm glad to see your trip reports are on-line!
I'm going to go looking for the other ones!


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