2-Way Radios


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Mar 31, 2001
We will be going to DW and US/IOA the first week in May. We are debating whether or not to purchase 2-way radios. Does anyone have any feedback on this issue? Thanks!!
I would get them. They worked really good beacsue we split up, and we could keep in touch with the other poeple. I think they're a great thing to have.

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I would check with the parks before purchasing radio's, I'm pretty sure you can now rent them from the parks....I know Disney has them to rent..I'd check with Universal.

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I would highly recommend the radios. We have a set of the Motorolas FR60's. We use them all of the time even at the mall. I do not know how much they are to rent. I would think quite high. Best Buy has a set in this week's ad for $69.99. My personal opinion would be to buy. Even if they are $10.00 to rent a day, you have them paid for in a week. Just a thought.
Defenitely buy them if you're going to be in the same park. We bought the Cobra brand, they're excellent. We spent about $70 each.
Definitely get them.

We purchased 2 from Wall Mart $29.95 each.

They were invaluable also used them round the resort and Mall etc.


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