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May 15, 2000
Sorry if this is a dumb question.....

I mail ordered a 2 day Universal Escape pass which I received in the mail today. However, no where on the ticket does it say that it is a 2 day pass good for both parks. Is there some way to tell if I got the right ticket? I would really appreciate any help since I do plan to order more. This is my way of "saving" for a trip..buy a little at a time, whenever I have the extra cash.
Look at the writing on the back of the ticket. You should see "2 day" written there. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply Regi.

I do not see any thing that says 2 days on the back of the ticket.
It has some letters, a space then it has 2D followed by a space and more letters. Do you think the 2D stands for 2 days? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
The "2D" does stand for two days.

To help you more, could you please respond with EXACTLY what is typed above the bar code on the back of your tickets? Not the super small print (CAS#, Date, etc), the larger print only.
There is no bar code, just a magnetic strip at the very top,so there is no room for anything above it.
All the print is the same size, so I will just type the line that has the 2D in it. Perhaps the answer to my question is somewhere in that line?


I feel so silly, like the answer it right here in front of me and I am just not getting it.
As you can tell, I am new to Universal. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me understand this.
Where did you order 2 day tickets and wehats the going rate.Heard you might get a discount if you have AAA???
Early entry is for onsite hotel guests only.


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2-Day Adult Escape plus Citywalk

2-days unlimited access to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure with park-to-park (park hopping) privileges.

2nd day never expires until used.

7-days unlimited access to the Citywalk nightclubs (with proof of age). In other words, you don't have to pay cover at the clubs that charge a cover.

7-days are consecutive and are good for 7-days starting on the day your ticket is first used at either theme park.
Don't feel silly luvtogo12....I wondered the same thing when we got our tix. Everything went smoothly at the gates to the parks.
Thank you CoasterFEV....it seems so simple now! ;) I knew the answer was probably right in front of me and there it was.

Mirthmaiden, thanks for the encouragement!!

Yes, AAA does offer discount passes. If you are a member I understand they have good prices, it is worth looking into.

Thanks for all the help!
Isn't it actually for on-site hotels and affiliated hotels. I am staying at the Hilton and have early entry vouchers.

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I'm looking at the 3 day passes I bought and it has "3d" plus the date and time purchased. I used two of the 3 days and plan to return within the year...I hope! I got the passes for the best price I've seen so far: $91, no tax and free overnight shipping. I think they were selling the 2 day passes for @ $83. I purchased them from RCI, the timeshare exchange company. If you know any member of RCI, they can buy them for you at the same price.

I did not know about the RCI tickets. We our using a friends RCI week in November so he would be able to get Tix for us. DO they sell the 2 day escape passes? Do you know the price??

what about seawold?
I think the 2 day passes were @ $83ea. Sea World for some reason was not offered. AAA sold the for $41, $9 less than at the gate.

Thanks for the info coasterDan. I didn't know AAA offered such a good discount. We are members so I will check it out!


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