19 days of no work...no worries... day 18

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Day 18
    Sunday, 8/11

    Today was check out day…..We always hate going home from vacation and the worries of Daddy having to find a job when we get home are also starting to set in. We packed up, called bell service and took a few last peeks out of our balcony at the view of the Tower of Terror. Lita and Grandpa had a later flight so they had a little time to relax before leaving. We gave kisses and hugs and said good by and Drove Carol to the airport. After a few tears and kisses to Carol from the kids she was on her way and we were on ours…or so we thought.

    There was a big accident on 4 and a tanker overturned and caught fire and damaged part of 4. They had to close sections of it and traffic going north was backed up for miles. The kids had fallen asleep and since Daddy did not have a job to go back to and Mommy did not have to be back at work until Tuesday we decided to try and stay 1 more day.

    We pulled into the All-Star Movies Parking Lot and Daddy went in to see if there was a room available with hopes of an Annual Pass discount as well. 45 minutes later Daddy returned to the van. The kids were still asleep so they had a nice nap. Daddy was able to get a $55.00 room thanks to a great Cast Member who gave him a discount for having to wait so long…..Talk about better service then the Boardwalk!! We even got a room in Woody with a view of Andy’s room!

    It was time to wake the kids and tell them the news! They were thrilled that we did not have to go home today! Animal Kingdom was voted on as our park for our official last day. The kids wanted to ride Kali River Rappids. We took a ride on the Safari and obtained a fast pass to ride again. The Animal Kingdom Park was pretty empty today. We were all hungry so we decided to stop for lunch at the Tusker House Restaurant. Mommy had a wrap and Daddy and the kids had the peanut crusted chicken. All was delicious and we at the patio tables and watched the African dancers. The kids could not wait any long to ride Kali River Rapids. While Daddy and the kids played the drums with the African drum players that we saw, Mommy went to obtain fast passes for the rapids. Along the way Mommy stopped for a frozen banana and to watch Devine. With fast passes obtained and banana finished, Mommy went back to get everyone else for our rapids ride. Michael just barely made the height requirement! Kayla and Mommy put on our ponchos but Michael and Daddy wanted to get wet. After strapping Michael in the special kid’s seat we were on our way. Daddy ended up getting soaked at the very beginning, as he was the one going down backwards where the water sprays straight up. Michael was disappointed that he did not get as wet as Daddy but had fun and wanted to go again. Kayla and Mommy stayed pretty dry under our ponchos and all of us were smart enough to put our shoes in the protective compartment on the raft so that we did not end up with soggy shoes. The kids wanted to ride again so we obtained another fast pass had some time so we took a walk through Maharajah Jungle Trek and saw a lot of bats and Tigers. During our walk Mommy discovered that her watch was missing. Mommy had lost a Mickey watch years ago at the Boardwalk and this now makes 2! Mommy continued looking at the animals with the kids as Daddy tried to trace back our steps in search of the watch. After 30 minutes of searching Mommy and Daddy decided to try and forget about it so we could enjoy the rest of our day and it was almost our fast pass time as well. God sure does work in mysterious ways……We boarded our raft and there were 2 other couples on board that we began talking to. One Lady was talking about how after purchasing her new watch last year on vacation she had lost it and recently bought a new one. Daddy mentioned about Mommy loosing her watch earlier that day and how that makes to watches lost in Disney now. The other couple was listening to our conversations and the Lady spoke up and said that they had just found a watch about 1 hour ago. Believe it or not it was Mommy’s watch!!!!!! Needless to say mommy was very happy and grateful! It was wonderful to meet such a kind and honest person. It was also nice to see how happy Kayla was about the situation and how she took notice of the acts of kindness from the Lady as well.

    Animal Kingdom was soon closing and the kids were hungry for a snack. Kayla decided to wait for a Churo at Downtown Disney and Michael picked a giant pretzel on the way out. He sure did enjoy his pretzel and ate almost the entire thing. Mommy even got a cute picture of him peeking through the holes in the pretzel as he held it up to his face.

    Down Town Disney was busy this evening and we browsed in a few shops and walked around a bit as Kayla enjoyed her Churo. Michael fell asleep in the stroller and Kayla played in the fountains before leaving for the evening.

    Once back at the All Stars we got the kids ready for bed and Daddy went to pick up a pizza from the food court. Michael must have still been hungry because the smell of the pizza woke him up and as Kayla slept the 3 of us enjoyed pizza and the Disney channel in bed. Good Night Disney World.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Nothing like an extra day...especially with that great rate. :)
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    Oct 3, 1999
    Glad you found your watch!
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    Aug 18, 2001
    A nice extra day!

    Thanks again for your great reports!

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