19 days of no work...no worries..day 16

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    Day 16
    Friday, 8/9/02

    Today was the day we planned to return to our favorite things at the water parks. The kids wanted to take their Aunt Carol for a few fun and wet rides! We woke early and the kids enjoyed their cereal and pop tarts and dressed in our swimming finest for the day.

    Typhoon Lagoon was our first stop, via our van, for the day. We only had one thing on our agenda here, a 9:00am and headed straight there and picked up our snorkel equipment. Today was a little cooler then our visits here last week. We enjoyed our swim across a couple times and then we were ready for our next park. Upon leaving, at about 9:45am, a few people and cast members inquired as to why we were leaving so soon. We explained how our favorite activity was shark reef and we had taken a couple swims across the reef already this morning and we were on to our next adventure for the day.

    Blizzard Beach was our next stop for the day. The kids love the family raft ride here and we all wanted to take Carol for a ride on it. Today was a crowded day hear so we only made one trip up the ski lift, pointing out the hidden Mickey below in the rocks, and one trip down the family raft ride. The kids then showed Carol around Tikes Peak for a little while. Kayla wanted more exciting rides so we all went for a few rides down the Run off Rapids. This was something new and fun for the kids ….and us. The lines went fast here but the climb is tiring after doing it over and over again. It was time for a little relaxing in Cross-Country Creak so we obtained our tubes and floated and floated and floated. Carol liked this the best as Michael snuggled in her lap for a nap. Kayla settled down in Daddy’s lap and we made several trips around the creek. Mommy once again was the water falls navigator so to not wake the kids. This is how we spent the remainder of our afternoon here until it was time to go back to the boardwalk to dress for the evening.

    Back at the Boardwalk Grandpa and Lita were waiting for us. They surprised us with matching 100 years of Magic Shirts which we all wore that evening! We made plans to meet at the Magic Kingdom later and Grandpa, Lita and Carol got ready for another dinner at the California Grill.

    Tonight was one of our favorite traditional “end of vacation dinners” We always end our vacation with Chef Mickey’s and Spectromagic. We pretended as though it was our last day and dressed for the evening. Mommy, Daddy, Kayla and Michael drove to the Grand Floridian to exchange Mommy’s shirt size and then rode the monorail to the Contemporary for dinner. We had a 5:00pm priority seating which was a great time to go. The food was very fresh, especially the peel and eat shrimp, service was great and the characters visited often. Kayla and Michael had fun making their own cupcakes and loved the certificate they received for doing a great job at it. Carol showed up during dinner with another special surprise for the kids, mickey’s magic electronic games. They are a lot of fun, especially for kids beginning to play electronic games! There are about 14 different games. Some of these included are Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror and It’s a Small World. They somewhat mimic some of the old games like Frogger, Mario Brothers and Night Driver. The kids now know how to play all of them and they keep them entertained in the van.

    After dinner we walked over to the Magic Kingdom. Uncle Mark joined us. Walter and I found out that it was E night tonight so after a quick phone call to Carol, to see if she minded going back to the room with the kids after Spectromagic, we purchased our E tickets and received our wrist bands. In the mean time, Michael spilled his bucket of popcorn all over Main Street. Before he even had time to cry, a nice cast member rushed over with a re-fill for him. We decided to find a spot for the parade in Frontier Land as usual since Main Street was already packed. We obtained a great spot just past the shooting gallery. Grandpa, Lita and Carol soon joined us and entertained the kids while Mommy, Daddy and Mark went to see the Hall of Presidents. Upon exiting it was almost parade time! With Buzz Spiny Toy and Blinking Minnie Headbands ready, the SPECTROMAGIC Begins. Although Mommy is partial to the Main Street Electrical Parade, this parade is truly magical as well and everyone enjoys it!

    All begin the journey back to Main Street to exit the park and say good by to the Magic Kingdom! We’ll Mommy and Daddy will soon return!!!!! We escort Carol and the kids back to the van at the Grand Floridian. They are safety on their way.

    Mommy and Daddy’s fun evening alone begins. We take the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and re-enter the park for E-Night! Mommy always said that we would never pay for something we used to get included in admission but we just were not ready to say good by ! There is just something so different and special about being in the Magic Kingdom at night with the castle glowing, the screams from the haunted mansion and all the lights twinkling. Posted wait times were listed as much longer then they really were. For example, Thunder Mountain had a 30-min wait time and it was really only a 10-minute wait. We rode Splash and Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. We enjoyed walking the deserted streets of Frontier Land on our way to tomorrow Land for Space Mountain, Alien Encounter and Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin. We had a fun evening playing like 2 big kids together and then made our way back to Main Street. There was an empty table outside Casey’s and we were hungry so we had hot dogs and fries as we watched the other E-Night people wait in line for ice cream across the street and the others exiting the park. Mommy probably could have sat there forever! It was very late and we had one more full day of fun ahead of us. We waited for the bus for quite awhile but were finally on our way back to the Boardwalk. We were in great need of a good nights sleep after so much fun!

    Tomorrow: Mommy and Kayla’s special day and Narcoosee’s

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    I love just floating around on those tubes...those are my favorite laz thing to do.....glad that you had so much fun on your E night.....hopefully we will be able to do it again really soon......thanks so much
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    Have never done a water park or e-night:(

    Appreciate your feedback!

    Thanks for your 'second to last day' report!

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