19 days of no work...no worries.. day 15

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    Day 15
    Thursday, 8/8

    Today was the day that Grandpa gets to enjoy his part of their anniversary present. Walter drives Grandpa and Lita over to the Contemporary and drops them off, very, very early in the morning. They enjoy breakfast in the Food and Fun center and then take a nice walk over to the Magic Kingdom. Their Stem Train Tour was at 7:00am. They enjoyed this tour very much. Grandpa loves trains and enjoyed hearing the history of Walt’s trains and getting some special behind the scene looks at Walt Disney Railroad.

    Back at the Boardwalk, we were all getting dressed for the day and the kids enjoyed cereal in the room. We were to meet Grandpa and Lita for the “first public” train ride for the day on main street. Since we had lunch plans at Epcot today and wanted to ride the monorail we decided to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom. It is so much easier to take the stroller on the bus when you have an extra set of hands…. Normally we avoid the buses with the kids and the stroller!

    We arrive at the Magic Kingdom at opening and wait for Grandpa and Lita’s semi-private train to arrive back at the Walt Disney World Railroad on Main Street. We hear the whistle blow and see them waiving……they looked like they had a fun morning! We join them on the train and disembark at Frontier Land. Kayla was excited about riding Splash and Thunder Mountain this morning. We do the “baby swap” with Michael and have a few great rides on the mountains. A traditional tour of the Haunted Mansion was next. This will always be a favorite for us! Michael promised Grandpa a ride on Goofy’s Barn Stormer and Lita had plans to meet a friend who was in town for lunch at the Boardwalk. Grandpa and Michael enjoyed their ride! Grandpa escorted Lita back to meet her friend with plans to meet us for lunch in Epcot shortly. Michael, however, was not ready to go without blasting though Goofy’s barn one more time. Kayla went as well (even though this is a “baby ride”) (It’s funny how grown up they think they are once they reach 40 inches). We had accomplished what we had set out to do for the morning and lunchtime was approaching so we caught the train back to Main Street and exited the Magic Kingdom for the day.

    We enjoyed our ride on the monorail to Epcot and met Grandpa for lunch at San Angel Inn in Mexico. We were seated at a table next to the water and enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch. We make a point to always eat lunch here. The atmosphere is great. The kids enjoy watching the boat rides go by while we eat and we always enjoy the market. Carol enjoyed her Taco Salad; while Mommy and Daddy shared the appetizer of sausage and cheese with tortillas (forget the name). The kids share cheese quesadias and Walter gets his usual Aroz ConPollio Dish (sp??) that he loves. Kayla is treated to 2 special gifts from Carol and Daddy (Carol and Daddy did not know that they had the same gift idea in mind), beautiful birds to hang in her room. She had been eyeing these for the past 2 vacation trips here.

    We take a nice walk through World Showcase and go back to the Boardwalk to freshen up. Tonight was Carol’s night out with Grandpa and Lita. They enjoy happy hour on the balcony and dinner at Jinko’s bar.

    Mommy and Daddy take Kayla and Michael to Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade at the Animal Kingdom. We all enjoy our ice cream while trying to finish it before it melts during the parade. The rest of the evening ahead was a new adventure for the kids.

    Disney Quest!!!! We had fun here the other night and kept talking about how the kids would enjoy this so this was their night to play here. They had a ball playing the arcade games. Michael and Kayla especially liked pretending to be firemen as well as racecar drivers. Kayla enjoyed the magic mirrors and spent a lot of time playing with these, creating pictures of herself in all sorts of different ways. They also made toys in Sid’s Room which we purchased for them as a special treat. They still talk about this! They could pick any parts from the many different, animal, robot, doll parts, etc to make a toy on the computer. (Mommy and Daddy had to help them work the computer though) Michael made a skeleton robot (a true Sid’s type of toy) and Kayla made a kangaroo (her’s had all the correct parts though). Then you take your confirmation to the counter and they print out a picture of your toy that you made with your name (or any name that you chose to name your toy) on it and insert it into a special bag with all the parts to create your toy. After this they were so excited that they just wanted to go back to the room to put their toys together.

    The kids fell asleep on the way home, well back to the Boardwalk. (by now it feels like home). Mommy tucks them into bed and Daddy gets a Barbecue sandwich for us to go at ESPN. Carol, Grandpa and Lita were still out so they must have had a great evening! Mommy and Daddy enjoy our late night snack in bed while watching a little TV and then we fall asleep as well.

    Tomorrow: The kids take Carol to their favorite attractions at the water parks before an evening of SPECTROMAGIC!
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Another nice day! We have never done DQ, so aprreciated your report!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Aug 25, 1999
    I'm still following along!
    I'm really enjoying your trip report:)
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    Sounds like you have a very nice family. I am enjoying your trip reports!

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