19 days of no work...no worries... day 11

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Day 11
    Sunday 8/4

    Today was our day at MGM. We awoke bright and early and the kids enjoyed pop tarts for breakfast. It was another beautiful sunny morning and we walked from the Boardwalk to MGM. The kids enjoyed their ride in the double stroller on the way. We arrived around opening time and the kids loved the giant Stitch at the entrance. Grandpa and Lita were on a mission to find stuffed Stitches for the kids.

    We spent most of the morning riding Rock and Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and the Great Movie Ride. Although Kayla rode Tower of Terror on our trip last November, she chickened out in line this trip and decided that she would prefer to take a few rides on the Great Movie Ride. Since Kayla did not ride this trip, Mommy surprised her with “The Tower of Terror” movie. She was thrilled with this!

    Around 11:15 we were all hungry so we decided to check in early for our ps at the Sci-Fi Drive Inn. We were seated right away at front row car table. This is a favorite for Mommy, Daddy and the kids and it was a first for Grandpa, Lita and Carol. We all enjoyed our lunch of burgers (cooked to order!), fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, a Rueben sandwich and Milkshakes. Mommy grew up watching the old black and white monster/sci-fi movies with Grandpa and Kayla and Michael enjoy them just as much. We all had a few good laughs watching the flicks. Our service was very good and we left full, rested, happy and $83.00 lighter.

    After lunch Grandpa and Lita headed back to continue their search of Stitch and to relax at the Boardwalk. Kayla and Michael were on a mission to see Mike and Sully from Monster’s Inc so Carol, Mommy and Daddy helped them accomplish this. After lots of hugs, smiles and pictures with Mike and Sully we were off to the Beauty and the Beast Show (great as always). Daddy decided to have some alone time at MGM for the remainder of the afternoon while Mommy and Carol took the kids back to the Boardwalk to cool off.

    Daddy enjoyed his time at MGM. He spent the afternoon browsing in the shops, seeing Star Tours, Sounds Dangerous and Indiana Jones.

    Pool time at the Boardwalk was a great! The kids loved the Kester Coaster water slide and so did Mommy! Carol gave it a try too but preferred hanging out in the pool with the kids when they took a break from the slide. Kayla (age 5) and Michael (age 3) are both good swimmers for their age. They need little to no assistance going down the slide and swimming to the ladder to exit the pool in order to take their next journey on the Kester Coaster. Michael (being so little and cute with his froggy goggles) gets many comments from the LifeGuards as he ventures up and down the slide over and over again. The life Guards even learn their names and chat with them throughout our stay at the Boardwalk. Grandpa and Lita join us at the pool for awhile and later head back to their balcony for happy hour.

    Carol, Mommy and the kids later change and meet Daddy back at MGM for a ride on Star Tours and to watch the Stars on Motor Cars Parade. We all enjoy this while eating our Mickey Ice Cream Bars.

    Tonight was to be Mommy and Daddy’s night our as Carol had plans to play all night with the kids. She took them to ESPN for dinner and to play games and then watched Kayla’s new Tower of Terror Movie.

    Grandpa and Lita enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with Uncle Mark at the Flying Fish, which they said was excellent.

    Mommy and Daddy decided to spend their evening playing at MGM. We spent the majority of the evening riding Rock and Roller Coaster over and over and over again. We hardly ever get to ride anything like this together as we always have to “the baby swap”. This was the first year that Mommy convinced Daddy to ride and it is now a favorite of his. We had a great time and worked up an appetite so we took a nice walk back to the Boardwalk.

    We stopped by to peek on the kids who were enjoying their movie, showered, changed and went down for dinner. We decided that the Flying Fish sounded good and were seated without a ps at a window table so we could people watch. We both had the Peeky Toe Crab Cakes for Appetizers. Mommy enjoyed the Ahi Tuna that they had as an entrée that night along with a rum and tonics with lemon. Daddy had a wonderful fish dish that unfortunately has slipped my mind at the moment. It was a nice quiet and relaxing dinner…..just the 2 of us.

    $92.00 later, we strolled around the Boardwalk and then went back to kiss our precious children good night.

    Tomorrow: WSOC Broadcast, Epcot, MGM and Fantasmic
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    Sounds like another great day!

    Where did you find Mike & Sully?

    Thanks for sharing!

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