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Feb 22, 2004
This is my first post on this forum. My family is doing a land and sea vacation package in June. It will be the first cruise for all of us and we are really looking forward to it! We are taking our 17 yr. old son and his girlfriend (we have 2 rooms and 4 adults going, so they will be well chaparoned). My sons girlfriend is a few months older than he is, she has already turned 18, he wont be 18 until September. Will this cause a problem, as he will not be allowed in adult areas, and she wont be allowed in teen areas? Do they ever make exceptions? Has anyone else encountered this?



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Jul 15, 2003
Sorry, can't help you with these specific questions.

Just wanted to welcome you to the DIS! This is a great board, with many helpful people. You will find some great info here!


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Sep 29, 2002
From my observations Disney Cruise Line is pretty strict about following age restrictions onboard. I have witnessed numerous instances in which Castmembers with flashlights have asked "young-looking" people for ID in the bars or have been asking for ID at the entrances. I've also seen kids attempt to "sneak" into these places and get turned away.

Although I've never been asked for ID upon entering the adult areas, I've been carded for alcohol on each and every cruise! (I'm 28, BTW!) :eek:


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Feb 22, 2001
The last time we traveled, my daughter was 19 and my son was going to turn 18 the week we returned. We told him we would celebrate his birthday at Palo and had no trouble getting a reservation for the night we requested. Later on that same day, we got a message on our phone saying that they were unable to confirm our reservation for 4 because one of the members of our party was not yet 18. I called and very politely explained the situation pointing out that he was literally days away from his actual birthdate and the purpose of the cruise was to celebrate it. Again, they apologized and said that absolutely no exceptions would be made. I did not press the issue because I do understand a rule is a rule and if everybody tries to bend it you can end up with chaos. We were disappointed, of course, but didn't let it ruin our vacation. The irony of it all was that we had actually planned to sail the following week, but my husband had a conflict and we moved the whole thing up a week never thinking the age thing would be a problem.
I mention this to you because I would hate for you to plan certain events and not be allowed to do them. Although your actual date of birth does not appear on your key card, they are coded in such a way that CM's know immediately if you're over or under 18. I'm not so sure how they determine if you're over 21 because most people on a cruise don't carry ID (other than the key card) around when they're on the ship. I would think that your son's girlfriend would have a better chance of doing the younger age activities than he would have doing the older ones.


Apr 7, 2001
Hi mom25,

I myself have sailed when I was two months short of 18 as well as when I was 18, so I have seen what happens for both ages.

Palo will make no exceptions (just as jeanneg mentioned), neither will the spa (I desperately needed my bangs trimmed, and I was politely told they couldn't accomodate me as it is adult only), or the adult pool.

As for knowing if you're 21, without a computer, the CMs cannot tell, but it does say on the card that you are an adult if you are 18+. If you are over 21 but look young, make sure you have some ID with you as you might get hassled. I was hassled for being in the club without ID even though I wasn't ordering drinks, but the CM wanted to see my ID anyways. I of course don't carry it with me, but after a couple of minutes (and my older sister stepping in) we finally convinced her that if my card said adult, I was allowed in the club, I just couldn't drink.

It can be a little annoying at times, especially if you are really close to being 18, but I can understand why the rules are in place, and if they make an exception for someone two days short, then they would have to for someone one month short and on and on...

Hope this helps!

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Feb 8, 2003
Just took a look at my key to the world card, and I noticed something....

In the bottom left hand corner is a '73, this is my birth year (yes I am now thirty - katdb don't even go there), so the CM's should be able to tell how old someone by that.

the probable reason for the id request is due to the lack of a photo on the KTTW card.



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Dec 4, 2003
Yes, your KTTW card is coded "adult" for 18 and over, and further coded with your date of birth...and no exceptions are made in the spa or Palo. As to the nightclub area, you can probably sit down without anyone asking questions...ditto the adult beach on castaway. Otherwise, with one person technically not an adult, you'd better plan on the "family" areas.


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2004
Thanks for all the info! I'm sure they will be able to find plenty to do to keep busy!:wave:

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