150 Club....Care to join??? Continued.


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Feb 19, 2004
I just popped in a read the last few pages of your thread and wanted to congratulate you! I'm very far from the 150s, so this probably isn't the thread for me, but it's so great to see you reach your goals! Right now my goal is to be back under 200 lol, but maybe someday I'll be aiming for the 150s.

Again - congratulations - you look great!


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Mar 28, 2012
Yes!!! You can do this!!! My first HW was 60 pounds last year...won my wage. Then, I took 4 months off and put 16 back on!! It was the week after Christmas when I weighed- but still!! I made my final wager that same day!! I lost 12 the first month, then 10 the next- then it slowed- just steady and always stayed under 1200 calories-except for 4 days I let myself go up to 2,000...staying active is key for me- it builds more muscle which burns more calories..I move at least 2 hours a day- and used to take off 1 day a week- but rarely take a day off now- I have more energy/- so it’s not bad! There is a progress score on HW app under your stats- work on moving that up as high as you can the first half- if it drops- push harder the next week- keeping that number above 110 insures you’ll make goal!!
Well, I fell off the wagon a bit, but finally got the scale below 200. My progress score on HW has fallen to 103 so I definitely need to stay focused. I hope you won your wager!

Next week I’m seeing family and eating yummy things so the goal is to not gain weight. If I do, I’ll really need to up the exercise in August.


Jul 12, 2017
Imhall2000, you are an inspiration. You looked awesome in your picture. I guess this thread must have been so successful it pretty well did itself in, which is a good thing, but I am still going to try to "join" the 150 Club.